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Rick is MIA but we still carry on! Lots of discussion on champion nerfs, watching Faker on Twitch, and DJ Sona. We also share a big announcement regarding the future of LeagueCast, CasualCast, and more!

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Patch 5.4 Discussion

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This episode we discuss coaching and going on tilt. Without Henderson here this week, you guys get a Hillmann double-feature! Hooray!

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  1. TSM 7-1

  2. CLG 6-2

  3. C9 4-4

  4. GV 4-4

  5. TiP 4-4

  6. TL 4-4

  7. WFX 4-4

  8. T8 3-5

  9. DIG 3-5

  10. Coast 1-7


  1. SK 8-0

  2. Fnatic 6-2

  3. UoL 5-3

  4. CW 4-4

  5. EL 4-4

  6. H2k 4-4

  7. Gambit 3-5

  8. Roccat 3-5

  9. Giants 2-6

  10. MYM 1-7


Day 1

Giants vs GMB

  • Picks/Bans: Azir, Nami, Zed, top lane Morgana picked, Jax, Graves banned

  • GMB taking an early lead with top lane Morgana countering Giants’ top Kassadin and P1noy getting 3 kills early on Kalista

  • Small skirmishes occurring across the map as GMB maintains their small lead

  • Base race leaves Giants on the losing end, trading one inner turret for an inner, inhibitor turret, and inhibitor

  • GMB continues to pick off Giants 1 by 1 and ends the game in 51 mins.

  • MVP: Diamond on Jarvan 2/1/9 only dying as the nexus did

H2K vs EL

  • Picks/Bans: Zed, Annie banned

  • Story of the game: Hjarnan playing like a man on fire. Outfarming and outkilling Rekkles

  • Close game throughout laning, but Hjaman on Sivir is just carrying teamfights

  • Final teamfight leaves EL chasing kills while H2k’s bot lane ends the game in 30 mins

  • MVP: Hjarnan on Sivir 6/0/3 vs Rekkles 0/0/1 on Graves

MYM vs Fnatic

  • Picks/Bans: Jayce, Leona picked

  • Huni having a huge game as he picks up 4 kills early on a failed tower dive and subsequent skirmishes

  • MYM not giving up yet as they keep trying to engage on Fnatic, but the Janna disengage + Xerath/Corki poke is just too strong. This happens in every teamfight from the end of lane phase to the end of the game

  • Fnatic wins in 37 mins

  • MVP: Steelback on Corki 7/0/4

UoL vs Roccat

  • Picks/Bans: Cassiopeia and Kogmaw picked

  • UoL winning early as their bot lane is completely outclassing Roccats

  • Huge teamfight in the bot lane snowballs as UoL kills 4 while only losing 1

  • Nothing else really to say. UoL takes the early lead and never looks back, winning in 31 mins

  • MVP: Powerofevil on Cassiopeia 5/0/3 and makes this champ look unfair

CW vs SK

  • Picks/Bans: Kennen and Lucian picked, Cassiopeia banned

  • CW gets a few early kills, but a huge fight erupts bot lane leaving SK with 5 kills while only losing 1. This proves to be the push SK needed, as they never really lose anything after this fight

  • In the most lopsided match of the day, SK wins in 36 mins, with a final kill score of 4-20

  • MVP: SK Fox on LeBlanc 10-0-3

Day 2

h2k vs Roc

- H2k gets 2 kills at the 16 min mark slow game up until that point

- H2k steamrolled through Roccat

- Roccat had a slight comeback but they were too far behind to come back and win the game.

SK vs Giants

- Big fight at mid at the 6 min mark, both junglers drop with both midlaners picking up the kills

- Fight with the bottom lane proves how good forgiven is, honestly watch this clip at around the 9 min mark, he plays perfectly

- Sk secures 3 drags in a row, constantly outfighting Giants

- Fox blindly ults onto Thresh with Zed and jumps into 4 of Giants and dies, the rest of sk then tries to fight for drag and lose it to giants and lost 2 for 1.

- At the 33 minute mark Forgiven has a 130 cs lead on adryh

- Baron from SK allows them to steamroll through Giants and take all objectives they set their eyes on.

- Sk takes the game shortly after

MVP: Forgiven

Gambit vs Elements


- Caboshard on toplane morgana

- Diamond playing on point with the jungle nid, steals the second drag of the game with a spear into hop, into lanturn out

- Wickd decided to play rumble again but this time he did not rush the hat of magic damage and build guise

- Gambit has a huge turnaround teamfight trading 4-0 and getting baron

- Gabmit secures the second baron which gives them the game

MVP: Diamondprox and his godtier Nid

CW vs Fnatic

- CW had a huge lead in the early minutes of the game, there was some questionable fights by fnatic which put them behind.

- Absolutly crazy game, constant fighting, fnatic is clawing their way back into the game.

- CW still has the advantage at the 35 min mark but fnc is still in it minus the 4 drags on CW and 0 on FNC

- Fnatic does a 5v5 team fight and wins 4 for 1 while being super behind due to the perfect ori and Rengar ult

- Fnatic try to deny CW their second 5th drag, and Soren gets a huge 3 man cass ult with her 1300 ap and win the game off of the ace.

MVP: Reignover, even though they lost he managed to continue making great engages to win team fight after fight


- PowerOfEvil On mid kogmaw and kikis on jungle nid

Kikis is carrying the game the with help of visi , both are playing super well

- UOL started to throw a little bit and lost a couple of fights while sieging the inhib, continue to lose fight but gain dragons

- MYM get baron but lose 2 members

- MYM loses both nexus turrets to minions form their downed inhibitors, UOL rushed in and ends the game

MVP:Kikis and the minions


Day 1


CST: Mash - Kalista, Cris - Irelia, Impaler - Rek’Sai, Jesiz - LeBlanc, Sheep - Thresh

CLG: Link - Nidalee, Doublelift - Jinx, Aphromoo - Morgana, Zion - Sion, Xmithe - J4

Scarra formal hype. Lane swap by CLG gains a response from CST. CST makes an amazing reverse gank first blood on Xmithe (Cris playing Irelia like a hero) and quickly pick up a second kill top on aphro, looking good CST! CST claims first dragon and CLG starts to hunker down for what could be a long game. CLG relaxes and starts to rely on old strategies: farm, rotation, and smart teamfights. CLG gets a few good trades in teamfights and manages the second dragon. With a few more trades going evenly CLG ups their ante and starts invading CST’s jungle. They establish control and pressure CST at their base until they start to break down giving up plenty of kills and towers to ensure a more… convincing CLG win at  44:30.

MVP: Aphromoo 0/1/14

Making those bindings made even trading possible in the early game.

WFX vs TiP

The game where two TiP members should have gone afk

WFX: Helios - Vi, Pobelter - kassadin, Gleeb - Morgana, Altec - Graves, Avalon - Lissandra

TiP: Impact - Maokai, Apollo - Sivir, XWX - Ezreal, Adrian - Leona, Rush - Rek’Sai

TiP banned Rengar. LELLLLL

WFX gets an early dragon and Helios is carrying like its late game already. Except for a few traded objectives, this game is completely in control of WFX. With a superior mid game pushing team, WFX just keeps pushing, forcing TiP to engage on them, giving WFX nothing but more and more kills. XWX forgets how to play Ezreal mid, Kassadin is still tier 1, and Pobelter is an OG. WFX takes it at 41:30.

MVP: Helios 8/4/17

Without the early boost a fed Vi brought to the table, WFX may have have a more difficult time taking this game.

DIG vs C9

DIG: Kiwikid - Thresh, Shiphtur - LeBlanc, Gamsu - Gnar, CloudSguyen - J4, CoreJJ - Sivir

C9: Balls - Maokai, Meteos - Nidalee, Hai - Zed, Sneaky - Kalista, LemonNation - Janna

While DIG tried to make some good plays early, C9 claims a jungle first blood and a secure lead. This is a super slow game and a traditional C9 win. They don’t really make any risky plays if they don’t have to, they just outfarm and outscale. Besides a couple of picks C9 makes, the only really notable teamfight is at 23:00 and goes heavily in C9’s favor. One last stand bottom from DIG see’s them going 4 for 1 and C9 takes the game at a cool 26:00.

MVP: LemonNation 2/0/4

As a Janna, disengagements are crucial. Lemon shut down any hope DIG had at getting a good teamfight.

T8 vs TL

T8: Maplestreet - Draven, Slooshi - Kassadin, Dodo - Thresh, Porpoise - Rek’Sai, CaliTrlolz - Maokai

TL: Xpecial - Leona, Piglet - Graves, Quas - Rumble, IWDominate - J4, FeniX - Ahri

TL gets a great 3 kill lead early with a reverse gank teleport fight. First Dragon goes to T8 with a quick response. Thats pretty much all they get though. Kassadin is strong but an Ahri who gives no quarter in lane makes for a bad time it would seem. 11k gold lead and 5 towers up at 23 minutes TL starts pressuring extremely hard, gets a little resistance from T8 (Xpecial misplays). TL shakes it off, regroups, and comes back for round too. Consistent pressure over 8 minutes leads to a crack in T8’s turtle shell in the mid lane leading to a top rotation and the game for TL at 25 minutes.

MVP: Piglet 6/1/7

We already knew he was good. LOL


GV: Saintvicious - J4, Cop - Graves, Hauntzer - Maokai, Bunny FuFuu - Braum, Keane - Xerath

TSM: Dyrus - Lissandra, Bjergsen - Zed, Wildturtle - Sivir, Lustboy - Janna, Santorin - Vi

GV with the early lead! Two dragons and a few kills ahead put GV in a great place! Awesome work guys! All you have to do now is… wait, oh no, the bronze just kicked in. If you want any evidence as to how outclassed GV was in this game, consider early game a handicap and then just watch their world crumble around them. With superior teamwork, picks, fights, and all that jazz TSM calmy brings down the hammer. 3 dragons and a final push put the caboose on this game at 40:00. Nothing really else to say.

MVP: Dyrus 3/6/14

So many good Lissandra plays. My lord.

Day 2

WFX vs C9

WFX: Avalon - Liss, Helios - Rek, Pobelter - Ahri, Altec - Graves, Gleeb - Leona

C9: Balls - Maokai, Meteos - Vi, Hai - Kass, Sneaky - Lucian, Lemon - Janna

C9 looks to be going even in the early game in order to win the mid/late game as C9 usually does. However they didn’t really win the mid or late game. In fact, it was a little back and for forth until WFX just turned up the heat and win a few teamfights and get baron. Gleeb actually playing really well this game, using Leona to lock down Sneaky. WFX then get an inhib with the buff. Baron buff goes away but C9 goes in for a bad initiation and WFX capitalize. They get 3 kills and push and WIN!

MVP: P.O.B.’s cash money boy Altec 8-0-7

Altec played ADC about as well as one can. He positioned well and dominate late teamfights. Gleeb did have some great counter engages as well.


TIP: Impact - Rumble, Rush - Vi, XiaoWeiXiao - Liss, Apollo - Jinx, Adrian - Morg

CST: Cris - Gnar, Impaler - Jarvan, Jesiz - Xerath, Mash - Graves, Sheep - Thresh

Both teams kill the same person twice in a row within mins of eachother. Mash and Impact both go down twice. The rest of the game, Impulse just maintain a good lead over Coast. They give up early dragons for more control and push themselves ahead into the mid game. Impulse loses a teamfight by the bot turret of Coast and CST takes baron. But as Impulse continues to win teamfights and push lanes, they ensure the victory.

MVP: Rush 6-1-10

Rush was on point this game.


CLG: Zion - Gnar, Xmithie - Vi, Link - Liss, Double - Corki, Aphro - Janna

TSM: Dyrus - Sion, Santorin - Jarvan, Bjerg - Ahri, Turtle - Sivir, Lustboy - Annie


There is so much to discuss about this game, that it is almost impossible to summarize. I will give a brief overview. CLG ahead for a long time. 4 drags and lots of map control. CLG takes hold until the 5th dragon spawn. It was a bad fight for them, but it was probably the Link engage where he hit himself with ult in the middle of TSM and Santorin hits a really good flag and drag to get Link. That teamfight turned the game but it was still really close until the end.

MVP: There can’t be one. This game was so ridiculous and #tooclosetocall.

GV vs TL

GV: Hauntzer - Maokai, Saint - Vi, Keane - Zed, Cop - Graves, Bunny - Thresh

TL: Quas - Swain, Dominate - Jarvan, Fenix - Azir, Piglet - Trist, Xpecial - Janna

Liquid just doesn’t look as good as I would have hoped. Fenix made some really bad calls this game and got his team behind. It wasn’t him entirely but they definitely needed him to carry this game. Piglet not anything special this game either. I think Liquid has a long way to go if they want to be in the top LCS spots. On the flip side, Gravity looks great! Better than I imagined they would be, especially Cop and Bunnyfufu. However it would be silly to not mention Keane. He brings out Zed and it is a playbook performance from the GV midlaner. Split pushing and crazy ults in teamfights showed that he is ready to make the list of the top NA mids.

MVP: Keane 7-1-6

DIG vs T8

DIG: Gamsu - Renek, CloudWin - Lee, Shiphtur - Kass, CoreJJ - Corki, Kiwi - Annie

T8: Cali - Maokai, Porpoise - Vi, Slooshi - Orianna, Maple - Sivir, Dodo - Morgana

Brady Bunch

This is the story, of a team called Team 8,

and they way they get ahead until they throw.

They’re way ahead with farm and drags

and they show it.

At 20 mins or so.

Then at about 30

Dignitas plays dirty.

And they get themselves a super needed ace.

Then they get baron, and pick up dragon,

and that they way that old team 8 did throw the game.

They threw the game!

They threw the game!

And that the way that old Team 8 did throw the game!

Best play. Kiwi dives with flash as Annie at level 6 and kills Maplestreet with the bear!!

MVP: Shiphtur 10-1-9

Hillmann 22-8

King 21-9

Chris 20-10

Frost 16-14


Chris TL vs WFX King Frost Hillmann

T8 vs GV King Chris Hillmann Frost

Hillmann Frost Chris C9 vs TiP King

DIG vs CLG King Chris Hillmann Frost

King Hillmann Chris Frost TSM vs Coast

C9 vs CLG King Chris Hillmann Frost

King Chris TL vs TSM Hillmann Frost

Frost King Chris WFX vs DIG Hillmann

Chris King Frost Coast vs T8 Hillmann

TiP vs GV King Chris Hillmann Frost

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This episode we discuss ways to deal with Darius top, the smaller changes in the most recent patch, and some rumors about the details surrounding DJ Sona's release.

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Listen Now:

Patch 5.3 Discussion

Follow along with the official patch notes!

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  1. CLG 5-1

  2. TSM 5-1

  3. C9 3-3

  4. T8 3-3

  5. TL 3-3

  6. GV 3-3

  7. TiP 3-3

  8. WFX 2-4

  9. DIG 2-4

  10. Coast 1-5


  1. SK 6-0

  2. Fnatic 5-1

  3. EL 4-2

  4. CW 3-3

  5. Roccat 3-3

  6. UoL 3-3

  7. Giants 2-4

  8. H2k 2-4

  9. GMB 1-5

  10. MYM 1-5


Day 1

Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love

  • Picks/Bans: Jungle Nidalee is real (unfortunately) and AD Fizz (top) picked for UoL

  • First blood goes to Steelback after a failed dive from UoL in the bot lane

  • Fnatic takes a big lead; Reignover is having a HUGE impact all over the map (as usual)

  • Fnatic gets caught out of position and UoL takes a sneaky front door inhib

  • After inhib goes down, UoL completely turns it on, taking 3 dragons, baron, and every teamfight afterwards

  • UoL wins in 45 mins, MVP goes to UoL shot caller

H2k vs SK

  • Picks/Bans: Sion banned, Elise picked

  • Very close game with both junglers making their presence felt across the map early

  • Poke from SK proves too strong as SK demolishes teamfights

  • Kills look close, but SK was in the driver’s seat for the entire game

  • SK wins in 40 mins, MVP goes to Svenskeren on Jungle Nidalee (6/1/9)


  • Picks/Bans: Kalista and Sivir banned out

  • EL takes an early lead as Shook (EL jungler) lays down the mid lane tent

  • Entire game is pretty much this play: Froggen or Shook goes super hard on MrRallez or Kori and everyone else follows up to instakill the target and win the 4v5

  • Not a close game at all, EL showed they were clearly the better team

  • EL wins in 35 mins, MVP goes to Froggen on Mid Lissandra (6/0/16) AND Shook on Jungle Rengar (5/1/19)


  • Picks/Bans: nothing special

  • Early game is very slow and very close, save for one objective: Dragons. Roccat takes 3 dragons before Giants can even respond

  • Not too much to say, Giants looked absolutely horrible this game

  • Roccat wins in 40 mins, MVP goes to Nukeduck on Mid Kassadin (6/1/13, 19/21 kill participation)


  • Picks/Bans: Nidalee finally banned, Gragas, Kennen, Lucian, and support Lulu picked (wtf is going on)

  • Gambit gets ahead early as Diamond makes his presence felt in the solo lanes

  • Airwaks with a good retaliation in the mid lane for CW

  • Huge teamfight for second dragon as both teams lose too much health to fight either the dragon or the other team

  • Close game but Gambit takes 4 dragons in a row for a HUGE advantage

  • CW closes the gap by taking the next 4 dragons and start winning teamfights

  • CW trades 1 for 5 and the lichbane Kassadin wins it for them at the hour mark

  • MVP goes to Freeze on ADC Kalista (11/3/12)

  • Fun fact: Very low kill score for an hour long game

Day 2

[FNC] vs Giants

- 2v2 fight mid ends in First blood from xpepi on reignover with the last tick of ignite

- Early skirmish top ends with another 2 kills from giants.

- Fnatic dragon fights way better than most other eu teams and get 4 kills at the first drag

- 25 minute baron from fnatic

- Giants go for baron and get aced to lose the game.

- Stomp by Fnatic

- Febiven destroyed the giants lineup

- This game alone made me decide that FNC is the best EU LCS team. They play so well as a team.

- Reignover's rengar is something to be feared by all competition.

MVP: Reignover and his rengar showing that the west can actually play rengar(Even if he is korean).

[Gambit] vs H2K

- Gambit outpicked H2K imo (Kass, reksai, thresh)

- Ryu has all the components of DFG(did he forget that they are playing on 5.2?) ended up going rabadons and nomicon

- Gambit managed to sneak a dragon from H2K with reksai tunnels

- Odoamnae comes in with the kennen flank and gambit casually walks out and blows him up.

- 1k gold difference at 30 mins

- the next 10 minutes consist of gambit getting pick after pick giving them the lead

- Drag 5 by moscow 5 allows them to win some fights which leads to the win.

MVP: P1noy (should be odoamnae who hit 5 amazing kennen ults in a row to keep his team in the game.

[ROC] vs MYM

- the most boring game of the day due to the slow kassadin pick.

- Roccat just slowly over the course of 25 minutes gained a small gold advantage and then took baron.

- Second baron was stolen by MYM but was aced due to the steal and misposition.

- Just as I hoped the game was ending, mym trades 2 for 3 and defends their inhib

- MYM goes for baron and trades 0-4 and loses the game.

MVP: Not the viewers

UoL vs [CW]

PICKS: Gnarvan and draven on CW

UOL decides not to pick reksai, instead pick Lee Sin

- at 5:00 leona blows flash trying to get draven, irelia then burns flash as he thinks leona hit draven.

- Fantastic counter gank with a tele from top and a roam from jungle to trade 4 for 1

- Unicorns dive youngbuck and takedown all 3 top towers just for the outer bot tower

-Soren and Freeze have hit their late game tipping point on Draven and Cass and ace UOL

- Very back and forth game, the fight for the third dragon ends in a 5 for 1 trade for UOL with 2 inhibs

- Freeze is absolutely massive on Draven at the 40 min mark (13/3/11) The MVP for sure.

Elements vs [SK]

- Standard picks (double ap mid/top on both team)

- the triple ult combo from rumble, liss, and rengar to kill ahri for fb

- 15 minute pause

- Lissandra rengar combo is deadly for locking down and bursting a single target

- Elements continue to win small fights

- Elements get greedy and look for a pick with rengar ult but end up trading 1-4 losing baron in the process.

- Shook runs in 1v5 without ult and dies and sk take elements' mid inhib

- Freddy's Azir provides a huge amount of peel and poke

- Sk wins small fight after small fight leading to their 3rd drag and second baron and mid inhib.

- SK wins one final fight at 35 minutes and taken the game.

- FORG1VEN has a definable KD/A now but it is a 64 KD/A


Day 1

GV vs. TiP

GV: Saintvicious - Rek’sai, Cop - Kalista, Kauntzer - Lulu, Bunny Fufuu - Morgana, Keane - Corki

TiP: Impact - Rumble, Apollo - Graves, XWX - Ahri, Adrian - Annie, Rush - Lee Sin

Keane plays a mid Corki, does some serious bullying early. Under some serious pressure, TiP plays it safe by only going for kills on ganks and picks, nothing too crazy. XWX in particular plays a very slow Ahri game that simply explodes as TiP gets a foothold picking up massive amounts of kills in teamfights. The turning point of this game was around 35 minutes when TiP began playing decidedly more aggressive. After a huge push from a successful teamfight middle, TiP takes the game at 48:22.

MVP: XWX 11/2/9

It’s difficult to play a carry role slowly and not feed or become useless. Excellent job.

C9 vs T8

C9: Balls - Maokai, Meteos - Vi, Hai - Kassadin, Sneaky - Graves, LemonNation - Annie

T8: Maplestreet - Sivir, Slooshi - Corki, Dodo - Leona, Porpoise - Jarvan, CaliTrlolz - Irelia

This game makes me wonder about the value of dragons in the current meta. This was honestly a flawless game by C9 except for one instance where Sneaky and LemonNation get collapsed on around 20 minutes by 5 T8 members. Other than that there was never a point in this game where C9 was actually behind even while they weren’t up any significant amount of towers early and gave up the first two dragons. After a while (and suitable farming) C9 picks up baron and seals the deal at 34:25.

MVP: LemonNation 2/1/10

Superb Annie stuns locked teamfights in a positive way for C9.


DIG: KiwiKid - Thresh, Shiphtur - Azir, Gamsu - Rek’Sai, CloudNguyen - Vi, CoreJJ - Corki

TSM: Dyrus - Maokai, Bjergsen - Xerath, Wildturtle - Sivir, Lustboy - Morgana, Santorin - Lee Sin

This game was both messy and organized at the same time. Both teams go blow for blow up until 23:15 where a teamfight initiation goes wrong for DIG and gets turned around by TSM. TSM uses this opportunity to grab a quick baron, helping solidify the slight lead they just earned. DIG tries to shake it off and continues to put up a solid fight but another bad initiation at 31:00 puts the young CloudNguyen under Dyrus’s foot and costs them yet another teamfight and the second baron. A final pick under tower for TSM gets them into DIG’s base at 35:00 and they finish up the game at 35:30.

MVP: Dyrus 1/3/9

Dyrus was the deciding factor for many of the winning conditions for the teamfights that ultimately led to TSM’s win this game


TL: Xpecial - Nami, Piglet - Vayne, Quas - Lissandra, IWDominate - Rek’Sai, FeniX - Xerath

CST: Mash - Sivir, Cris - Sion, Impaler - Jarvan, Jesiz - Casseopia, Sheep - Morgana

This was the most boring game I have ever seen. This was almost like watching a group of bots play against each other designed to simply assess the viability of team compositions. Long story short, TL out-scaled CST and won the game, nothing more nothing less. Both teams played well for what they were given.



WFX: Helios - Jarvan, Pobelter - Kassadin, Gleeb - Janna, Altec - Sivir, Avalon - Gnar

CLG: Link - Nidalee, Doublelift - Jinx, Aphromoo - Morgana, Zion Spartan - Irelia, Xmithie - Vi

WFX bans Blitzcrank. Oh Aphro.

Story of the game. 11:00 minutes hits and kills go all over the map for CLG giving them an early lead in kills along with the first dragon they had already picked up. 15:00, excellent kills in mid for Doublelift. Afterwards it seems as though WFX players were doing their best to lose this game. Staying in the jungle for camps when they knew they were surrounded, fail flashing, engaging on losing fights, and getting caught basically handed CLG this game on a silver platter. That is,of course, until 24:00 with the notorious POB laying down some fat damage and Link attempting to 1v5. Realizing that their meal wasn’t quite dead yet, CLG closed ranks and pulled off some sweet teamfights in the top lane securing more kills with the help of Zion and Links’ burst. A baron gives CLG the buff they need to finish the game at 31:00.

MVP: Link 9/1/7

Look who showed up to play.

Day 2

C9 vs CST

C9: Balls - Rumble, Meteos - Vi, Hai - Leblanc, Sneaky - Graves, Lemon - Morg

CST: Cris - Maokia, Impaler - Jarvan, Jesiz - Xerath, Mash - Lucian, Sheep - Janna

Balls wins a 3v1 under top turret for first blood. CST makes some bad calls and lose first dragon. C9 takes the lead and runs with it. Mid game C9 actually makes some bad decisions to let CST back in the game. Then C9 seemed to take a breath. They get a few picks in a row around Baron and once CST is too afraid to go in, they get the baron. CST continues to fight, but the baroned up C9 and the nice plays from both Sneaky and Balls leads to the early 30 min victory.

MVP: This game was 6-4 C9. They just played as a team to win it. No one was fed and no one stood out.


CLG: Zion - Liss, Xmithie - Lee, Link - Ezreal, Doublelift - Sivir, Aphro - moomoomoo

GV: Hauntzer - Irelia, Saint - Vi, Keane - Azir, Cop - Corki, Bunnyfufu - Janna

CLG takes an early lead and never lets it go. Link is a godreal. Aphromoo and Link basically carried this game. It’s not to downgrade the performance of Double, Zion, or Xmithie, it’s just that Link played amazingly against Keane. Speaking of Keane, he did makes some good plays, but not nearly as helpful as Link’s ultimates. One really bad baron attempt from GV where Saint gets executed by baron. Team decision making, and expert team fighting and picks led to the CLG victory.

MVP: Link 10-1-4

“Doublelift best ADC NA? Doublelift isn’t even the best ADC on CLG!” - Krepo

“That’s some stuff right there.” - Riv


TL: Quas - Maokai, Dominate - Vi, Fenix - Ezreal, Piglet - Vayne, Xpecial - Annie

DIG: Gamsu - Rumble, CloudNguyen - J4, Shiphtur - Ahri, CoreJJ - Sivir, Kiwi - Morg

Liquid falls behind a bit after a pretty even early game. Then DIG pulls out the cheese strats as they play the vision game around the baron area and pick off liquid’s members one after another. Piglet not showing up this game as we expected, but I don’t think this loss was entirely his fault. DIG had a really good initiation comp and used this to their advantage in the late game. Double ad comp doesn’t work for TL as it just had for CLG.

Notable play: Amazing ult from KiwiKid helps to secure 2 more kills for DIG.

MVP: Gamsu 5-2-9

Gamsu, early mid and late game, hit insane Rumble ultimates. They led to picks, and great teamfights for DIG.

T8 vs WFX

T8: CaliTlolz - Jax, Porpoise - Rek’sai, Slooshi - Liss, Maple - Graves, Dodo - Morg

WFX: Avalon - Gnar, Helios - Lee, Pobelter - Lulu, Altec - Kalista, Gleeb - Annie

Team 8 with a really nice opening. They get first blood on Avalon’s Gnar. Then they go get the gromp and blue buff and put Helios way behind in the Winterfox jungle. Wait till about 25 mins and Team 8 wins a great teamfight, which in essence seals their victory. Casters and viewers alike wonder why Pobelter played Lulu when Ahri was available and clearly the better pick.

MVP: Slooshi 5-0-10

Slooshi and porpoise were both very strong this game. MVP goes to Slooshi for his astounding mid play and for beating up the notorious P.O.B.


TSM: Dyrus - Sion, Santorin - Vi, Bjergsen - Ahri, Turtle - Jinx, Lustboy - Janna

TIP: Impact - Maokai, Rush - Lee, XWX - Yasuo, Apollo - Graves, Adrian - Morg

Turtle steals the dragon blindly from top lane with Jinx ult. From there this game was Bjergsen all the way. From his first blood on XWX under his mid turret, to the late game picks, Bjergsen was the main reason for the victory here. Late game TSM pushed where they wanted, baroned when they wanted and just pushed the base down around 28 min.

MVP: Bjergsen 10-1-6

Hillmann 16-4

King 14-6

Chris 13-7

Frost 10-10


Coast vs CLG King Hillmann Chris Frost

Chris WFX vs TiP King Frost Hillmann

DIG vs C9 King Chris Hillmann Frost

Hillmann T8 vs TL King Chris Frost

GV vs TSM King Hillmann Frost Chris

WFX vs C9 King Chris Hillmann Frost

Hillmann King Chris TiP vs Coast  Frost

Chris King CLG vs TSM Hillmann Frost

Hillmann King GV vs TL Chris Frost

Chris Frost King DIG vs T8 Hillmann

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