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Day 1


Bans/Picks: Shiphtur on Xerath, first we’ve seen this season, and Zion on AD Nidalee top.

Story: CRS slightly ahead as they pick up one kill early. CRS staying barely ahead and teamfights are remaining close. Zion does an amazing job peeling CRS off of baron after CRS takes a 1 for 0. One spear and its probably an easy quad for him. CRS maintains their slight lead throughout early and mid game before ending the game.


Bans/Picks: None

Story: EG demolishes early and never relinquishes the lead. Not even close as EG takes the game so fast.

MVP: EG Altec, for his great Kogmaw play


Bans: Ez Pick on Vi-silly Rengar on Amazing

Story: TSM and LMQ trade blows early, and hold even until about 10 mins in. A bad execution of a 5 man gank causes them to fall behind, and have trouble keeping even.
Rengar never reaches the 100-0 point, and kind of flops. Time after time TSM engages before dyrus can TP, and it costs them a baron 23 mins in. This pattern continues until TSM just collapses under the pressure.

MvP: Xiao Wei Xaio snowballs mid game using TF ult to great effect multiple times.

C9 vs COL

Ban: Nothing Interesting

Story: C9 grabs the early lead, and just doesn't make mistakes like they normally do while playing COL. Time after time C9 starts fights, keeps it clean, and comes out ahead. Normally there is an issue where a bit of laziness causes them to miss easier plays, but that all disappeared this game, and C9 Takes the victory.

Day 2



Ban: Nothing interesting

Story: Dig bot lane gets out farmed like crazy, but every single lane ends up crashing and burning. Dig crushes in every single engage they make, ending with a 13-0 score and a 30 min win.

MVP: Zion Spartan Crushes top lane, and uses that to save QT and Kiwi from their farm deficit


Ban: Nothing interesting

Story: TSM struggles to get ahead early, with both teams running even several teamfights in a row until about the 30 min mark.  Tsm manages to ek ahead, and starts to grab one kill at a time until clearing the game out at 50 mins.



Ban: Nothing interesting

Story: This game was so back and forth, straight up blow for blow. CLG put up an incredibly good fight and, at a few points in the game, there were points in time that they could have taken it. LMQ ultimately steals the game despite Doublelifts best efforts.

MVP: LMQ Ackerman 11-2-8 Gragas - Forcibly moving teamfights the way he wanted at any point in the game

CRS vs C9

Ban: Nothing interesting

Story: Crs has some crazy burst in teamfights and has a superior team for picking single targets while C9 goes for a tanky shredding team and focused objectives almost entirely. This has to be the most aggressive game I have ever seen Crs play and C9 doesnt really seem to know how to handle it. Lots of ward teleports early game for 4-man ganks in the bottom lane from Crs. SO MANY TEAMFIGHTS. Team deathmath. yup… Curse ends up getting a poor engagement late in the game and C9 just pushes and wins the whole thing.

MVP: C9 Sneaky 11/5/7 Kog

Week 10 Predictions


Henderson Chris Hillmann King LMQ vs COL

Henderson Chris Hillmann King TSM vs EG

Henderson Chris King C9 vs DIG Hillmann

Hillmann Henderson King CLG vs CRS Chris


Hillmann EG vs CRS King Chris Henderson

C9 vs LMQ Chris King Henderson Hillmann

Hillmann TSM vs CLG Henderson King Chris

Hillmann Henderson Chris DIG vs COL King

Chris 53-33

Henderson 52-34

Hillmann 50-36

King 46-40

Rick 1-0

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Patch 4-12 Discussion

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Day 1

CoL vs  CRS

Picks/Bans: None

The Story: Wow. This was a long game. And by long I mean 80 freaking minutes. IWD and Voyboy with great synergy on Rengar and Ori. Dat ult wombo combo worked the entire game. Picks up early kills on pr0lly in the mid lane. CRS takes an early lead in kills but CoL picks up 4 dragons in a row. CRS takes mid turret all the way to inhibitor pretty early and grab baron, but can’t capitalize and end up just farming with it. Is this Farmville? A total of 3984 minions dead at 69 (hue) minutes. Both teams continue to do the banshee’s pop dance as EVERY SINGLE MEMBER has one. Supports too. IWD with no Feral Flare at 70 minutes. Crowd starts chanting for TSM at 80 minutes lol.


MVP: Kobe and Rivington. My god. This game was DEFINITELY improved by the casters. Rivington summed it up in one quote as CRS’ nexus fell: HOLY SHIT THEY WON THE GAME!

EG vs C9

Picks/Bans: InnoX on Mundo and Meteos on Nunu.

The Story: VERY different game from CoL vs CRS. C9 takes control of the game early and never looks back. EG has glimpses of hope but C9 quickly squashes them. Methodical C9. Dragons, Towers, and Barons. No objective is safe. Hai playing extremely well on Yasuo leads C9 to a very easy 30 minute win.

Top Play: None. Although there was a pretty good amount of fighting, no single play really stood out. It was just C9 being C9.

MVP: C9 Hai. 5-2-8 Yasuo. Created a TON of pressure early for his team and his fearless dives enabled C9’s backline of Lucian and Ryze to unload on EG.


Picks/Bans: Nothing too crazy. CLG bans out Kog and Syndra.

The Story: Dyrus gives that FB, consistent theme over the past few games. Amazing comes in and gives Dyrus some sweet sweet revenge. Top lane is getting all the love this game with Amazing making it happen capn with Eve. He goes bot after two successful ganks top to get squashed by rush hour. CLGs rotations and map control win this for them with great objective control and winning small skirmishes. Seraph got some “damn good auto attacks” on the Nexus.

Top Play: Slick counter-ganking by Amazing in top lane.

MVP: CLG Doublelift 8-1-5 Lucian. Just really getting in there and picking key people out in super hectic teamfights.


Picks/Bans: LMQ bans out Kog’Maw, yoooooo.

The Story: 26 minute highlight reel for LMQ. From turning ganks around to manhandling DIG in teamfights, this was LMQ’s game from start to finish.

Top Play: Vasilli, all game dawg. Just watch this cat. He’s the bananas.

MVP: LMQ Vasilli. 10-0-6 Tristana. Unstoppable.

Day 2


Pick/Ban: nothing special

The Story: EG gets a nice early game lead and attempt to assert pressure. THEN, they close the game like EG… by not closing. CRS puts up a good fight and there are a lot of back and forth trades as EG is having issues as they do. Then EG baits baron, they get a good initiation and the fight leads to an Altec Quadra and Baron. After that they were big enough to close it out.

Top Play: (34:30) Altec Quadra. Penta stolen by Pobelter. At least it wasn’t scumbag Krepo.  

MVP: EG Altec 11-1-3 Tristana


Pick/Ban: nothing

The Story: The Rush Hour bot lane of CLG taught everyone what happens when you gank Seraph. DIG’s plan was to focus on the top lane in order to get Zion ahead, but Dexter decided to focus on the bot lane, so Doublelift got huge, and Aphro was on point with Morg, and there is really nothing else to say.

Top Play: (9:00) Aphro flash binding catches Kiwi in the back and gives Doublelift a kill. there were similar plays from Aphro for the rest of the game.

MVP: Rush Hour Bot Lane

CLG Doublelift 9-1-1 Kog’maw

CLG Aphromoo 0-0-10 Morgana


C9 vs TSM

Pick/Ban: nothing special

The Story: TSM takes an early lead with an invade that catches balls off guard. Amazing and dyrus continue to bully the shit out of him. TSM precedes to push their advantage HARD, taking tier two mid around 17 mins. They don't seem to be able to pull very far ahead, with the first inhib going down on each team around 22. Amazing gets an awesome kick off, starting a teamfight for TSM with baron 1.Baron bait causes death of c9, WT gets a quadra and baron 2.

Top Play: (27:00) Amazing Initiates a fight with a flash + kick.


Pick/Ban: nothing special

The Story: COL pulls ahead early, gets some good use out of renekton, but LMQ’s waveclear ends up saving the day. Chinese nicknames for champions are funny.

Top Play: Obama and Airplane

Week 9 Predictions


Hillmann Chris CRS vs DIG Henderson King

EG vs CLG Henderson Chris Hillmann King

Hillmann TSM vs LMQ Henderson Chris King

Hillmann Chris Henderson C9 vs COL King


Hillmann EG vs DIG Henderson Chris King

COL vs TSM Henderson Chris King Hillmann

Henderson LMQ vs CLG Chris King Hillmann

Hillmann Chris CRS vs C9 Henderson King

Chris 48-30

Hillmann 47-31

Henderson 46-32

King 42-36

Rick 1-0
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Day 1

LMQ vs C9

Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (9:45) C9 gets an amazing fight bot lane. Sneaky and Lemon get caught by NoName and Xiao. Then Balls tp in and Hai TF tele. Ackerman tele in. C9 outplays and wins the fight 4-2.

The Story: C9 traded pressure very badly in the early game giving LMQ an early lead. C9 team fought well, but they lost so many objectives that they found themselves in a hole. However, the picks that came through for C9 worked in the late game and their team fight synergy, and late game hypercarry, won it for them.

MVP: C9 Sneaky 8-1-6 Kog Maw


Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (22:45) COL attempts baron and CLG played it perfectly. CLG gets the baron and end up almost acing COL. Doublelift mechanics. (27:00) Link and Dexter 2v1.5 (Says Jatt since Dexter was late) Kez and Prolly. Outplayed.

The Story: The early Complexity lead proved insufficient against CLG. With the baron fights that CLG set up and controlled, and the split push Yasuo from Link, led to the win in a very close game for CLG.

MVP: CLG Link 5-2-4 Yasuo


Pick/Ban: Nunu banned out against Helios. He picks up a jungle Gragas.

Top Play: (6:55) 1v1 kill from Innox on Zion. A really nice fight. (12:00) Awesome combo. Crumbzz on Lee kicks Helios into Shiphtur’s Syndra stun. Really cool looking.

The Story: DIG showed some poor decision making early and EG capitalized on that. With Pobelter getting huge on Ryze, Zion commenced the split push to pull Pobelter or Innox away from the team. This secured them objectives and eventually the game around 53 mins.

MVP: DIG KiWiKiD 0-1-7 Braum

- Kiwi stopped probably 6 ultimates or crucial spells with the Bruam Unbreakable.

CLG vs C9

Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (38:00) Doublelift assassinates Sneaky as the nexus goes down to get his 500th kill of the LCS.

The Story: CLG put down some great early game pressure all over the map with TF ult and Dexter’s Elise. C9 had some good fights but overall they looked out of sync, and Hai (Syndra) got caught many times. With all that CLG played well and focused on the TF/Braum initiation combo that allowed Doublelift to clean up.

MVP: CLG Doublelift 12-2-7 Twitch


Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (33:40) Dyrus split pushes the bot lane to the inhib and gets it while CRS is busy doing nothing mid.

The Story: Super even early game that leads to a gold tie for most of the first 25 mins. TSM holds true to the split push strat, and Dyrus basically winning the game for TSM this game. CRS being indecisive against the split ensured the TSM victory.

BTW: Cop bought two infinity edges.

MVP: TSM Dyrus 1-0-5 Jax

Day 2


Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (26:40) DIG got a good pick on Gleeb and waited for TSM to go to dragon, at which point they got the baron uncontested.

The Story: Great plays early from Crumbzz’s Vi led to a lead for DIG. TSM pulls their way back into the game and they attempt the split push strat again but Zion just lanes against him and prevents the teleport. DIG showed good baron control all game and that was the real decisive factor for them to win this one.

MVP: DIG Shiphtur 8-0-3



Pick/Ban: Kog and Ryze bans against EG. First time we see either ban and of course they both come from COL.

Top Play: (13:00) Helios with an amazing Dragon fight play. After a lot of trading, he jumps into dragon pit with safeguard and finds himself behind COL. He takes out both Kez (Elise) and Robert (Trist) to single handedly win that fight for EG.

The Story: A very even early game with a lot of excitement led to a high gold count for both teams. As mid game progresses there is no change. Still crazy fights and even trades with the carries for EG getting much more power than those for COL. The game progresses in a similar fashion for a long time, EG controlling baron and pushes to inhib. Later COL sneaks a baron and they end up pushing the all lanes and getting 2 inhibs. On their last inhib push, they lose the fight and EG ends up pushing the minions off enough to pull themselves back into it. One fight determined the game, at 65 mins COL took out EG.

BTW: Both teams ending the game with 100k+ gold. Pobelter and RobertxLee with over 600 CS.

MVP: COL Westrice 8-4-11 Lulu

- His early game play, plus his ability to survive assisted in the COL victory.


Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (5:45) NoName sits bot for about a full minute and ends it with a lvl 5 turret dive as Xpecial grabs him under turret. Cop (Kog) gets a double kill, the second with his passive.  (28:00) Team fight near red buff, and Cop calls the Lee Sin jump from NoName and kills him on the other side of the wall.

The Story: Fairly even trades early game and bloody. We get 15 kills in 20 mins. LMQ goes to baron, and Xpecial landing hooks like a god, CRS pick up a couple kills after to make up for it. CRS gets pick after pick on LMQ and end up controlling the map because of it. Also Xpecial is a god.

BTW: Xpecial becomes the first player to hit 1000 LCS assists this game.

MVP: CRS Xpecial 2-3-19 Thresh


Pick/Ban: none

Top Play: (11:30) TSM takes out three in the mid lane from a multiple lane roam. 5 man advantage puts Bjerg way ahead.

The Story: TSM walks over EG in this one coming out ahead early and continuing the pressure throughout the game.

MVP: TSM Amazing 6-0-9 Elise

- With his control of the EG jungle, there was nothing Helios could do on Eve.

C9 vs CRS

Pick/Ban: Xpecial chooses to take Leona instead of Thresh.

Top Play: Watch Xpecial early and Quas late. Both great displays.

The Story: Xpecial is doing work in the early game on Leona. Landing stun after stun to get Cop way ahead on Corki. In the mid game, Quas asserts the split push pressure on Jax. Late game also goes to CRS Quas as he is soloing Balls’ Renekton, and picking up objectives on the way. CRS slow played it and finished the game with baron buff at 54 mins.

BTW: Super low kill game. 2-4 in CRS favor.

MVP: CRS Quas 1-1-0 Jax


Pick/Ban: LMQ bans out Kogmaw and CLG leaves Trist up.

Top Play: (26:00) LMQ takes dragon and does an AMAZING job of baiting CLG into thinking they were ahead. Vasilli is able to get a TRIPLE kill and CLG never recovers.

The Story: CLG lane swaps, back to the 2v0 solo lanes with double jungle. Vasilli very smartly maxes Rapid Fire on Trist in the 2v0, meaning he doesn’t push lane AND will have it maxed by the time he finishes IE. HUGE 4v4 level 2-3 brawl in the mid lane gives LMQ a 2-0 lead.  CLG finds some great fights and evens up the game at 3 kills and 2 towers a each. LMQ forces a dragon fight and NO ONE picks up a kill. Everyone leaving at sub 200 hp. CLG chases and get baited SUPER hard by a XWX zhonya. Beautiful clean up by LMQ, who immediately takes baron and ANOTHER winning fight. LMQ very methodically pushes out each lane and finishes the game.

MVP: LMQ Vasilli: 12-2-5 Tristana. Incredible aggressive play leaves Vasilli ahead and allows him to snowball a tiny lead into a huge gold gap.

Day 3


Pick/Ban: Dexter picks Jarvan with BOTH Lee Sin and Elise up.

Top Play: (37:30) Quas and Voyboy clean up the remaining member of CLG to end the game. GREAT positioning by Quas and excellent ball management by Voyboy.

The Story: IWD ganks top early and Quas picks up a kill on Seraph. Seraph on Kayle doesn’t even ult. Seraph pls. IWD with huge pressure all over the map. CRS picking up very nice kills pre teamfights. CLG, after a very slow start, begins to scale into their late game comp and takes a fight barely coming out ahead. CRS pushes mid and bot, forces a fight. Doublelift on the front line doing a TON of damage with Kayle ult preventing so much damage. Quas from out of nowhere to save the day and Voyboy gets an easy kill on Link, getting an ace and sealing the game.

MVP: CRS Voyboy: 7-0-5 Amazing play on Orianna. Ball management was perfect.


Pick/Ban: none

The Story: EG pulls ahead early on with the kills, but never really manages to take the gold lead. The game gets dragged on until the point where LMQ has an unreachable gold lead, and they pinprick their opponents until they finally collapse under the hyper carries. Much top lulu, very wow.

MVP: XWX, Dem jukes, keeps EG focused on him, and stays elusive enough to not get caught.


Pick/Ban: TF ban from COL

The Story:

"How do you fight against a team, who has no idea what they are doing"


I dont fucking understand what happened this game, COL played mediocre at best, with ROBERTxLEE played a pretty good trist. Zion spartan stomped in lane, secured an inhib by sacrificing himself to keep COL from backing, and yet, DIG still found a way to throw. Multiple mistakes from the rest of dig just cause the game to fall apart, and give COL a chance to claim victory.

MVP: Robert X Lee: Pulls out a trist, and uses the hyper carry to extreme effect.


Pick/Ban: Bjerg on Kas, Top Lulu for Westrice

Top Play: Nothing incredibly noteworthy, COL keeps getting caught and TSM just punishes them for it when appropriate.

The Story: pretty boring game until the FB at 15:25 with Brokenshard and Westrice towerdiving Dyrus (for the kill) ending in a 1 for 1 trade under tower. TSM slowly starts to consume tes entire game by rotating for towers and other objectives making the 2/1 game fall completely in TSMs favor as they pull a Baron bait at 24:14 solidifying their win with a monster push leading to a 10/1 final score.

BTW: Amazing has da g anks tho.

MVP: TSM Dyrus 3-1-5 for giving up FB but being the playmaker for TSMs teamfights later on.

DIG vs C9

Pick/Ban: Meteos on Nunu (yeaaaahhhhh boi)

Top Play: Just watch Hai this game. For real.

The Story: Interesting game overall! Both teams played very well but C9 just dances the dance a lot better this time around. Big teamfight in bottom at 7:30 resulting in FB for DIG and ending 4/2 in DIGs favor (Dragon had just gone to C9). Teamfights just keep going even after this with C9 gaining more and more objectives along the way. C9 takes it at 40:00 with a definitive push ending the game 13/15 and with a 15k gold lead.

BTW:  BONUS FUN FACT: Did you know that LoL isn’t team deathmatch?

MVP: HAI 6-3-5 on Orianna shows us that you can play LeBlanc without actually picking LeBlanc

Week 8 Predictions


King COL VS CRS Chris Hillmann Henderson

EG VS C9 Hillmann King Chris Henderson

Chris King CLG VS TSM Henderson Hillmann

Henderson Chris LMQ VS DIG Hillmann King


King Henderson Chris CRS VS EG Hillmann

Hillmann Henderson DIG VS CLG Chris King

King C9 VS TSM Chris Henderson Hillmann

King COL VS LMQ Chris Henderson Hillmann

Hillmann 43-27

Henderson 42-28

Chris 42-28

King 38-32

Rick 1-0

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Day 1


Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: CLG pressuring the dragon after Doublelift gets infinity edge. Then TSM come in for the first good team fight of the game. Gleeb lands a hook on Doublelift and it was over for CLG. Amazing got the dragon too. (27:05)

TSM forces baron, Gleeb lands another amazing hook on Doublelift to secure the win in that teamfight. (29:00)

TSM tries to get an inhib turret, and they finally decide on bottom. TSM gets two kills and the inhib. (34:10)

TSM gets a great kill on Doublelift. I think I figured out their strategy. They push and win. (38:40)

Fail: Cocoon and Thresh hook both miss from the brush gank. (23:45)

Dyrus slices into a wall but doesn’t go over. (37:00)

MVP: TSM Gleeb 2-0-12 Thresh

COL vs C9

Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: Balls and Meteos get two bot lane and Sneaky 1v1s (sorta) Robert mid, ok Hai helped. (17:00)

Crazy 3 for 3 fight in the mid game. Robert (Trist) knock back on Hai leads to Yasuo ult from Prolly. (24:20)

Lemon lands a great binding on Prolly in the next fight and that means he can’t follow up on the trist ult! But they chunk C9 down enough to take baron. (26:10)

Westrice flashed over the wall and Shyv ult into C9 and Yasuo follow up! Damn the initiation was so strong. (28:00)

COL takes baron again and push top lane to get the last inhib, then they win. (37:15)

Fail: Kez fails flash over the wall bottom to go down to Balls. (17:00)

MVP: COL ROBERTxLEE 5-2-4 Tristana

- Robert’s ults that led to Yasuo ult get him the MVP here. Plus 90% kill part.


Pick/Ban: Pobelter with Ryze in mid.

The Plays: Finally the first real fight, CRS comes out ahead with 2 kills. (18:00)

Innox teleports in with his ult already active (Kayle), then this opens the door for altec who plays like a boss and gets a double. EG pick up baron. (23:30)

Second baron, CRS starts it, EG comes in to contest and kill Braum (Xpecial). They start baron and Krepo lands a blind binding (Morg) and Altec with the Super Mega Death Rocket picks up the kill! (35:15)

EG is pushing top, they get the turret and Altec goes for the kill. He gets 1, 2, 3, alright the triple. Cop comes out of the fountain and the last rocket gets him for the Quad. Voyboy can’t live much longer as Pobleter tanks the fountain to allow the Penta for Altec. (38:40)

Fail: Almost fail: Innox is getting the bot inhib with Helios, and stays to get it. Quas is 1v1 with him and almost loses as Xpecial was walking away. (34:00)

MVP: EG Altec 9-0-4 Jinx

- Dat Penta


Pick/Ban: Top Gragas for Ackerman against the Zion Jax.

The Plays: The two man invade from LMQ leads to some misplay and 2 kills going over to DIG. (6:00)

DIG picks up a third dragon and 2 more kills. (16:30)

LMQ gets their first dragon of the game, and lose 3… (23:00)

DiG get 2 with a good catch and they pick up baron afterward. (28:00)

Zion is split pushing, duh, and goes into a 1v3! Gets 1 and Shiphtur picks one up too. (32:30)

DIG does a great job to win this one, Zion is a god split pusher. (35:50)

Fail: Ackerman just gets ganked. Totally not paying attention and ends up dying to turret giving the credit to Crumbzz. (14:50)

MVP: DIG Shiphtur 9-1-3 Syndra

C9 vs EG

Pick/Ban: Jinx ban from C9 and Altec goes with Twitch.

The Plays: Balls and Meteos go down to Helios and Altec top lane. Sneaky gets a double immediately after. (10:00)

Good plays from C9 bot lane. Sneaky (Lucian) gets a kill and Meteos (Eve) does too. Altec kills Lemon and Innox (Grag) teleport kills Sneaky. (12:50)

Interesting fight near dragon. Sneaky gets hit by a great binding from Krepo and that evens the fight 2 for 2. (28:45)

Sneaky keeps fighting Altec 1v1 and gets another kill on him with the fade away culling. (31:00)

Sneaky gets hit with another binding from Krepo and Pobelter ELIMINATES him. EG picks up dragon. (38:00)

C9 picks up baron, and they get 2 kills off the fight. They win it after 48:30…

Fail: none

MVP: C9 Sneaky 5-3-5 Lucian

- If I could give MVP to Krepo I would


Pick/Ban: none. Except Gragas for Dyrus in top lane.. Silly Dyrone.

The Plays: Amazing (J4) gets a nice gank bot to secure first blood. Lane gank and flash ult. (9:30)

Gleeb gets picked while trying to ward drag. Dragon goes to LMQ. (10:50)

TSM with a good fight to get dragon. Amazing goes in with ult then standard combo to get out and then TSM does a great job of kiting in and out. (32:30)

Another fight mid goes bad for TSM. But Turtle with the outplay picks up a double on ackerman and NoName!! (34:20)

LMQ gets baron, Mor with a really nice death sentence to prevent the steal. (35:40)

Mor hooks Amazing and the flay to stop the E-Q combo. They get baron. (43:00)

This game sucks… 51 mins in LMQ gets the 3rd baron of the game. They just roll through TSM’s base.

Fail: TSM. That’s it. The throw was so strong.

MVP: LMQ Mor 2-6-14 Thresh


Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: 3 v 2 in bot. TP from Zion and Seraph flashes to polymorph. 2 for 2 in the end. (4:50)

4 man gank bot gives 2 more kills to Doublelift. Also Zion solos out Seraph. (12:40)

Huge turn around gank from CLG. They get all 5 down bot as DIG had 4. (15:40)

DIG gets dragon, CLG lets it go, but they turn it around and get 2, then a third in QTpie. CLG gets baron after. (22:30)

Crumbzz goes with ult on Doublelift, the shockwave from Shiphtur gets 4! But its not enough and CLG kill 3 and get mid inhib. (26:15)
Link goes all the way into DIG base and bursts down Shiphtur. The fight ensues and they end. (29:30)


MVP: CLG Link 4-0-6 Yasuo

- All of CLG played really well. Link gets it because of the well timed ults.


Pick/Ban: Dominate is jungling Skarner.

The Plays: Dominate steals the dragon and CRS picks up a kill for themselves. (10:20)

Xpecial (Braum) kills Westrice (Lee) with the help of dominate. (15:40)

Fight in mid, 2 teleports burned. 2 for 2 and neither team really looks like they have the lead. Good shockwave from Prolly and great Glacial Fissure from Xpecial. (27:00)

Westrice dies in the CRS jungle, then both teams set up near baron but COL is a man down. CRS ends up actually getting the ace and Baron. (35:30)

CRS goes in for Baron, Dominate secures. The following fight leads to 3 for 2 in favor of COL. (45:50)

Xpecial flashes and gets a great Glacial Fissure, CRS follows it up and get 3. Then Quas, Xpecial, Cop chase down Robert and Kez for the ace. CRS get 2 inhibs for it. (51:10)

CRS take baron(54:30)

CRS engages under turret. CRS loses 3. COL goes to push middle. (55:10)

COL goes for the win. CRS respawns and Quas TP into the base of COL with super minions on the nexus turrets! The rest of CRS show up and finalize the backdoor for the win. (57:15)

Fail: none

MVP: CRS Quas 6-4-8 Jax

Week 7 Predictions SUPER WEEK BABY

Chris King Hillmann Henderson LMQ vs C9

CoL vs CLG Hillmann Henderson King Chris

Hillmann King Chris Henderson DIG vs EG

King Chris Henderson CLG vs C9 Hillmann

Hillmann Henderson TSM vs CRS Chris King

King Chris DIG vs TSM Hillmann Henderson

Hillmann Chris Henderson CoL vs EG King

King Hillmann Henderson LMQ vs CRS Chris

EG vs TSM Henderson Hillmann Chris King

King Hillmann Henderson C9 vs CRS Chris

King Hillmann Chris CLG vs LMQ Henderson

Chris CRS vs CLG Henderson Hillmann King

Chris CoL vs DIG Henderson Hillmann King

Hillmann King Chris Henderson LMQ vs EG

Hillmann Chris Henderson TSM vs CoL King (hillmann becomes a CoL fan if they win)

Henderson Hillmann  DIG vs C9 Chris King

Hillmann 36-19

Henderson 33-22

King 31-24

Chris 28-27

Rick 1-0

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