In this episode we discuss some of the finer points of League of Legends (Alex's Section). E-mail, Top 5, and plenty of other stuff! Give it a listen!!!

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That picture we were all laughing at ->

This episode is Chris-less. The rest of the group holds it together as they work their way through all the regular sections you know and love! Jacob has a great Top 5 and Nick talks about Kennen's Lore. Enjoy!

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March 18, 2012

Episode 34 - Presidents

With Spring break comes plenty of time to edit these shows and get them out to you guys. 5 and 6 are in hot pursuit of this episode.

We discuss some emails, Alex plays LoL with an Xbox controller, Jacob welcomes presidents to the League and plenty more!

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March 7, 2012

Episode 33 - Trolls

Who wants two episode in one week? You guys do! Look forward to episode 4 in the next couple of days.

Nick talks about Trundles lore, Jacob gives us a multi-categorized countdown, and Kevin talks about early tanking items.

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