We’ve got a jam packed episode for you guys this week! Sadly, however, Kevin is out of town and can’t join us for our 15th episode for Season 2!

Nick gives us the shake down with Darius’ lore, Chris covers Get On My Level with some great jungling tips and poses a new Roundtable question, Jacob prepares another awesome countdown, Alex sheds some light on an interesting mystery brewing in the forums, and Rick answers your awesome e-mail.

You’ll also notice that all sections now have their very own intros. Yay!

This week's Roundtable question: Will the meta ever change as it has in the past or is the current standard here to stay?

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So. Here we are again. Another Leaguecast episode. I wonder what we're talking about this time.

Well, I'll tell you! We talk about Darius, the newest patch preview, e-mail, a new Roundtable question, Jacob's top five, Jarvan's lore, and a bunch of other things! The usual fare here on Leaguecast.

The question of the week is: Does true damage actually bring anything meaningful to the game or merely serve as a neutral DPS catch-all?

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First things first: sorry for the delay on getting this show out to you guys. Finals and Diablo prove quite the distraction from editing.

This show is centered around Varus. You’ll get a huge helping of lore, build advice, and other stuff! Listen in to find out more.

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Champion Creation Contest:


Episode 12 has something new for you guys, a new section! Interested? Inquire within!

Nick explains Shaco’s lore, Kevin discusses the Flame Wars, Whitehair points to a possible future game type, Chris screeches and covers the e-mail as Rick is mia this week.

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Joe, the make a wish story: