This is our 19th episode. Wow! Almost to 20! This is the longest Leaguecast has run without taking a week off and we’re not showing any signs of stopping. Thanks to all those who have been listening to us and welcome to those of you who have recently started.

We’ve got a full episode loaded with the usual helpings of news, lore, top 5, roundtable, sausages, mail, and advice as usual. Many thanks to your e-mails in the past few weeks, we not only appreciate them but thrive on them!

New roundtable question: Do runes make a large enough impact that they are important to all gameplay or are they just negligible amount of benefits that only appeal to players immersed in the meta?

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In this episode we drop some serious content. And by that we of course mean everything that you’ve come to expect from us here at Leaguecast such as (but not limited to): Rumble’s lore with Nick, News with Henderson, Armor Penetration tips with Kevin, a new Roundtable question with Chris, more details on the 100th champion with Whitehair, a Top 5 with Jacob, and your e-mail with Rick.

New question of the week: If you could remove one champion from the game, who would it be and why?

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We made a jingle. It's at the beginning and totally appropriate, we promise.

The usual awesomeness ensues this week with Nick's lore of Lee Sin, Kevin's advice on creep kills, rumors on the 100th champion with Whitehair, the news with Henderson, an exciting Top 5 with Jacob, Chris's new Roundtable question, and ltos of e-mail with Rick!

This week's Roundtable question: Are new champions usually perceived as over powered because players do not know how to counter them or are they honestly imbalanced?

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Kevin’s back from his trip and he’s not dead. Neat. Tons of changes are coming in the next patch and we cover them all. We dish up full helpings of lore, sausage, mail, Top 5, and Roundtable this week. Prepare yourself.

This week’s Roundtable: What could Riot do to help balancing of characters for low level players and not just high ELO players?

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