Outline Recently in Riot: Nami, the Tidecaller Revealed and League of Legends Starter Pack Awesome Sausages: Nami's Ult and Hippalus's Poll Lore: Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert Roundtable: You are going on vacation after your senior year of high school with two friends (champions), where do you go and who do you take? (Post your comments below) Top Three: Summoners Lift (send suggestions to jacob@leaguecastpodcast.com) Noob Section: Orianna Tips Mailphite: Video from Zien Cheat System sent by Burning Fear

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This is quite possibly the longest episode we've ever recorded. Yeah. Anyway, we're recording in person this week and are missing a certain Whitehair fellow. Enjoy!

This week's Roundtable question: What are your impressions of Zed?

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November 16, 2012

Episode 69 - What Year Is It

Apologies for the lateness, we have some technical issues and school stuff. Better late than never!

This week's Roundtable question: It’s prom night, you gathered all your courage to ask a certain League of Legends champion to be your date. What do your clothes look like, how did you get there, what happened at the dance, and what are you planning to do afterwards?

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November 6, 2012

Episode 68 - Foot Clan

Outline Recently in Riot: New ProPlayer spotlight, champion price reductions, world championship spots, and Zed, Master of Shadows Awesome Sausages: Season 3 Q and A Lore: Zed, the Master of Shadows Roundtable: What non-meta build do you think should get more attention than it does? (Post your comments below) Top Three: Top Supports (send suggestions to jacob@leaguecastpodcast.com) Noob Section: How to play solo top (Riven) asked by Jayro Mailphite: Duke Nukem Forever asked by Jamie How to troll on smurf accounts asked by j kobert

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