Recently in Riot: Galio changes, FOW, Lucian, Pool Party Skins
Awesome Sausages: Rengar changes, Super minion shanges
Lore: Arcade Hecarim
Roundtable: If you could have one champion’s ability to help with your job, which one would you choose and why? (Post your comments below)
Top Three: No Jacob this week (send suggestions to jacob@leaguecastpodcast.com)
Mailphite: Questions and stuff

Chris and Henderson discuss the latest patch notes!

Read them here: http://beta.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-310a-notes

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Awesome Sausages: Huge Q&A with Lyte
Lore: Rumble, the Mechanized Menace
Roundtable: Does your summoner name have any meaning and would you change it for any reason? (Post your comments below)
Top Three: Trivia #3 (send suggestions to jacob@leaguecastpodcast.com)
Mailphite: Favorite supports and Wedding Wishes!

Recently in Riot: LCS Bracket Update, Summoner Showcase #111
Awesome Sausages: Eve Visual Rework, League System Revision, Man At Arms t.v. show
Lore: ~Nick ain't here this week!~
Roundtable: You have to make an elite 3 man hit squad to save the president’s daughter, what three champs would you choose and why? (Post your comments below)
Top Three: Poem - An Ode to Fans(send suggestions to jacob@leaguecastpodcast.com)
Mailphite: Building Vi Top, Jungling well in Solo Queue

Recently in Riot: Patch 3.10, new leagueoflegends.com site
Awesome Sausages: Skarner looking to be reworked
Lore: Gragas, the Rabble Rouser
Roundtable: If you could design your own League Map, what would it be like? Describe it in some detail. (Post your comments below)
Top Three: Jacob is mia this week! (send suggestions to jacob@leaguecastpodcast.com)
Mailphite: Shifting the Meta