DIG: Shyvana (Cruzer), Kha (Crumbzz), Zed (Goldenglue), Sivir (Imaqtpie), Karma (Kiwi)

EG: Lee (Innox), Nautilus (Snoopeh), LeBlanc (Pobelter), Lucian (Pete), Thresh (Ken)

- Lane swap leads to DIG with an early lead

- Good 5v5 from DIG, win 5-1 and take baron

- DIG tries to do baron again and EG stomps them and take baron

- Very good game, DIG takes the win

MVP: DIG KiWiKiD 4-4-17

- Kiwi on Karma was ridiculous in the mid and late game and his poke put DIG in a position to win nearly every late game teamfight



CLG: Tundle (Nien), Lee (Dexter), Ziggs (Link), Lucian (Double), Thresh (Aphro)

TSM: Shyvana (Dyrus), Eve (Oddone), LeBlanc (Bjerg), Twitch (Turtle), Leona (Xpecial)

- Very close game. TSM has this, doe.

- These back and forth fights, man… Turtle comes out with a triple kill in that fight.

- Fight at Baron, Doublelift ends with a triple kill and CLG takes baron…

- I dont wanna talk about it…….

MVP: CLG Dexter 9-3-10

- Dexter with Doublelift made this game possible for CLG. If for no other reason than that 3v2 around baron with the outplay and triple kill to doublelift.


CST: Shyvana (Zion), Kha (Nintendude), Ahri (Shiphtur), Varus (Wiz), Leona (Day)

XDG: Trundle (Benny), Lee (Xmithie), Zed (Mancloud), Twitch (Zuna), Thresh (Sheep)

- Close game, CST has a little lead

- Not a lot of kills, but CST is taking more objectives and they are getting further ahead

- XDG gets a good 3-1 victory and take dragon

- CST gets an ace around baron and take it after

- Nothing really happens until baron comes up again, at which point XDG loses another fight around it. That’s game I think.

MVP: CST Shiphtur 9-2-7

- Shiphtur’s ahri is so strong… That 2v1 for a double outside baron pit to win the game was great.

CRS vs C9

CRS: Trundle (Quas), Elise (Dominate), LeBlanc (Voyboy), Cait (Cop), Karma (Bunny)

C9: Renek (Balls), Eve (Meteos), Soraka (Hai), Lucian (Sneaky), Morg (Lemon)

- Umm Hai is playing Soraka mid… Is this real life?

- C9 sends Sneaky and Lemon mid, Hai top, Balls bot.

- C9 slightly ahead. Hai gets a double kill as soraka….. lol

- Sneaky is really ahead right now. Hai gets a Rylias.

- C9 wins a baron fight and take it.

- C9 takes the win in a really fast manner! They won a fight and just pushed to win.

MVP: C9 Sneaky 7-0-3

- Sneaky was doing so much damage with Lucian. Plus he didn’t die. WP by all of C9.



CLG: Trundle (Nien), Lee (Dexter), Ziggs (Link), Lucian (Doublelift), Alistar (Aphromoo)

XDG: Renek (Benny), Eve (Xmithie), LeBlanc (Man), Twitch (Zuna), Leona (Sheep)

- Aphro gets FB for Dexter with a flash pulverize!

- WOW! CLG gets a 4 man dive bottom?! at 6 mins….

- MY GOD THIS ACTION!! So much is happening. CLG making good plays and XDG trying to hang on.

- XDG trying to keep themselves in it but they are down 6-1 turrets

- CLG kills 2, takes baron

- yeah yeah… CLG wins.

MVP: CLG Nien 6-2-4

- The teleports from Nien in the early game put CLG so far ahead, and Nien was the deciding factor in a lot of the late game teamfights as well.


CRS: Renek (Quas), Elise (Dominate), LeBlanc (Voyboy), Cait (Cop), Thresh (Bunny)

TSM: Shyvana (Dyrus), Kha (Oddone), Nid (Bjergsen), Lucian (Turtle), Leona (Xpecial)

- TSM sucks. 2-0 turrets and a dragon go over to CRS

- CRS wins a good fight but then Bjergsen with the reengage gets and unofficial Quadra!

- TSM wins a fight and takes baron. They suck but they are winning now so its k

- TSM wins a fight and pushes the nexus. Thank god.

MVP: TSM Bjergsen 8-1-4

- The spears. The quadra. Need I say more?

C9 vs DIG

C9: Rumble (Balls), Lee (Meteos), Lulu (Hai), Lucian (Sneaky), Morg (Lemon)

DIG: Ryze (Cruzer), Panth (Crumbzz), Lux (Goldenglue), Jinx (Imaqtpie), Thresh (Kiwi)

- Hai flashes and blows everything to get FB

- After a long back and forth, DIG gets first dragon

- QTpie gets a triple on jinx and showing DIG isn’t out of this yet.

- C9 does what C9 does, after making some costly mistakes, they take the game.

MVP: C9 Hai 10-5-18

- Hai was ridiculous in his aggressive play style this game. That double kill with flash was OP!


EG: Lee (Innox), Kha (Snoopeh), Zed (Pobelter), Lucian (Pete), Morg (Krepo)

CST: Renek (Zion), Eve (Nintendude), LeBlanc (Shiphtur), Varus (Wiz), Leona (Day)

- Very slow. Not many kills. 2-1 at 20 mins.

- EG takes a commanding lead but CST isn’t out yet

- CST takes baron and win a fight

- CST get a few good picks and take a second baron when it comes up again

- CST push bot and get 3 kills + inhib, TURNS INTO A DOUBLE ACE! Everyone was dead… lol

- OMG this game is so close to over… Minions about to kill base and inhib respawns

- CST takes another baron

- Ridiculous fight ends the game for CST

MVP: CST Shiphtur 7-2-8

- Shiphturs distortions in the late game fights were shredding everyone and he makes a lot of good plays, especially in the last fight, that win the game for CST.

Week 10 Standings

Henderson: 52-16

King: 48-20

Hillmann: 43-25

Chris: 43-25

Week 11 Predictions (SUPER WEEK BABY)

King Henderson Chris C9 vs XDG Hillmann

Henderson King  Coast vs CRS Chris Hillmann

Chris King CLG vs C9 Henderson Hillmann

Henderson Hillmann King DIG vs  CRS Chris

EG vs TSM King Henderson Hillmann Chris

Hillmann XDG vs  DIG King Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson Hillmann King TSM vs Coast

Chris CRS vs CLG King Henderson Hillmann

Chris Henderson DIG vs Coast King Hillmann

King Hillmann Henderson Chris CLG vs  EG

Henderson Hillmann Chris TSM vs C9 King

DIG vs CLG King Chris Henderson Hillmann

EG vs  CRS Chris King Hillmann Henderson

XDG vs TSM Hillmann Henderson Chris King

King Chris Henderson Hillmann C9 vs Coast

Hillmann XDG vs EG King Chris Henderson

March 23, 2014

LCS Breakdown Week 9 2014



TSM: Renek (Dyrone), Eve (Oddone), Zed (Bjerg), Lucian (Turtle), Annie (Xpecial)

XDG: Shyv (Benny), Kha (Xmithie), Grag (Mancloud), Cait (Zuna), Thresh (Sheep)

- Bjergsen is awesome on Zed. Outplays Mancloud mid for a good early kill

- All of TSM lanes winning

- Bjergsen solos Mancloud again -> Xmithie comes bot to deal with Bjerg -> TSM takes baron @ 26mins

- TSM makes good rotations to take a lot of XDG’s base. Its over.

MVP: TSM Bjergsen 8-2-1

- Bjergsen’s Zed was so much further


CRS: Aatrox (Quas), Elise (IWDominate), Lulu (Voyboy), Cait (Cop), Thresh (Fufu)

DIG: Ryze (Cruzer), Lee (Crumbzz), Orianna (Scarra), Lucian (Imaqtpie), Annie (Kiwikid)

- Crazy 2v2 bot leads to 2-1 lead for CRS, BunnyFufu landing a great hook

- Lots of good trades keeping this game really even

- Quas was dead, NO! VOYBOY WITH THE SAVE!

- CRS wins a teamfight 4-0 and pushes down the inhib turret bot

- SO BORREREEEEDDDD… This game is really long. xD Super close though.

- @ 46 mins, CRS takes baron… Can they win now??

MVP: CRS Cop 6-0-7

- Cop was so consistent and, with the help of BunnyFufu, he got the early advantage and kept his team ahead throughout.

CST vs C9

CST: Ryze (Zion), Panth (Nintendude), Ziggs (Shiphtur), Sivir (Wiz), Annie (DayDreamin)

C9: Renek (Balls), Kha (Meteos), Kass (Hai), Lucian (Sneaky), Morg (LemonNation)

- Lemon taken out for first blood in the jungle lvl 1

- CST takes a 4 man rush on top lane! Take 1 and almost 2 turrets.

- C9 in response takes a 4:30 Dragon!

- So much pressure bot. Hai using tele on CD to gank bottom.

- Balls engages 4 vs 1! and of course he lives. Hai tp in to assist!


MVP: C9 Balls 6-2-8

- Balls was so effective by getting very deep into the team of CST. He was impossible to deal with late game.


EG: Nid (Innox), Elise (Thinkcard), Zed (Pobelter), Cait (RobertxLee), Morgana (Ken)

CLG: Shyv (Nien), Eve (Dexter), Leblanc (Link), Vayne (Doublelift), Thresh (Aphromoo)

- Lane swap for CLG, sends Doublelift and Aphro top lane

- CLG is owning this game. Aphro lands a nice hook on Innox to secure 1st blood for Double

- Dexter coming mid to get Link ahead on that Leblanc

- CLG is just so far ahead, dexter is on point

- CLG takes baron around 26 mins, is it over??

- Aphro lands another great hook in the base of EG to kill Innox

- Aphromoo with 3 hooks in the final teamfight to win the game

MVP: CLG Aphromoo 0-2-19

- Aphro was so good with hooks. Put doublelift ahead early and forced great teamfights late game to secure the victory for CLG



TSM: Renek (Dyrus), Eve (Oddone), Lulu (Bjergsen), Sivir (WildTurtle), Leona (Xpecial)

DIG: Shyvana (Cruzer), Kayle (Crumbzz), Orianna (Scarra), Quinn (Imaqtpie), Annie (KiwiKid)

- First dragon fight at about 12 mins goes like this. Xpecial hits a 5 man solar flare. GG!!! 5-0 and dragon go to TSM

- Swift and decisive victory for TSM 22-1 @ 24 mins when the nexus goes down.

MVP: TSM Bjergsen 12-0-8

- Honestly all of TSM was so dominant but Bjerg gets 20/22 kill participation



CST: Renek (Zion), Kha (Nintendude), Ziggs (Shiphtur), Lucian (Wiz), Annie (DayDreamin)

CLG: Shyvana (Nien), Elise (Dexter), Ahri (Link), Sivir (Doublelift), Thresh (Aphromoo)

- Very close early game but CLG has a slight lead

- First dragon fight goes 5r-1 to CLG, THEY GET BARON off of it at 17 mins

- Why do people let Dexter play Elise????

- The throws?? CLG loses a fight at baron.. Giving a bit of hope back to coast

- Shiphtur gets a Quadra Kill and wins the next fight at Baron! Damn this is close

- Dexter goes super hard with Doublelift to kill Shiphtur, they take baron after a 2-2 trade

- With baron CLG does a very nice job of split pushing and grabbing inhibs up to the nexus

MVP: CLG Dexter 7-3-12

- WOW… no words can describe the impact of Dexter’s Elise. So many great cocoons lead to picks and lead to the victory for CLG.


XDG: Shyvana (Benny), Elise (Xmithie), Ziggs (Mancloud), Jinx (Zuna), Zyra (Sheep)

CRS: Renek (Quas), Kha (IWDominate), Syndra (Voyboy), Cait (Cop), Leona (BunnyFufu)

- Lane swap leads to 2-2 turret trade but CRS gets first dragon, no FB yet

- XDG has a pretty good lead for a long time. Then around 28 mins, they try baron. Dominate STEALS IT! Crazy game.

- Such a close game but XDG remains in the lead and ends up taking the victory around 50 mins

MVP: XDG Mancloud 5-2-11

- Mancloud on Ziggs was the primary factor that led to the fear that CRS had of engaging. He was on top of his game and played very well to lead the team to victory.

C9 vs EG



- I didn’t write down shit for this game because it was a stomping… Sorry EG but you need Krepo at least. And snooopeh. <3

C9 wins… duh

MVP: C9 Hai 8-2-0

The outplays on Pobelter’s Kayle were too stronk.

Week 9 Standings

Henderson 46-14

King 40-20

Hillmann 38-22

Chris 38-22

Notes coming soon!

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March 19, 2014

Patch 4.4 Discussion

Official Patch Notes

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Patch notes (In order of appearance)

Recently in Riot

Kassadin reworks

Team Builder 2 day beta

New item, Feral Flare

Cole Slaw Facts

New Artic Ops Varus skin

New Heimerdinger Lore

Void Fizz Skin

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Chris rethinks his life in this breakdown. That is all.

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