Day 1


Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: CLG pressuring the dragon after Doublelift gets infinity edge. Then TSM come in for the first good team fight of the game. Gleeb lands a hook on Doublelift and it was over for CLG. Amazing got the dragon too. (27:05)

TSM forces baron, Gleeb lands another amazing hook on Doublelift to secure the win in that teamfight. (29:00)

TSM tries to get an inhib turret, and they finally decide on bottom. TSM gets two kills and the inhib. (34:10)

TSM gets a great kill on Doublelift. I think I figured out their strategy. They push and win. (38:40)

Fail: Cocoon and Thresh hook both miss from the brush gank. (23:45)

Dyrus slices into a wall but doesn’t go over. (37:00)

MVP: TSM Gleeb 2-0-12 Thresh

COL vs C9

Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: Balls and Meteos get two bot lane and Sneaky 1v1s (sorta) Robert mid, ok Hai helped. (17:00)

Crazy 3 for 3 fight in the mid game. Robert (Trist) knock back on Hai leads to Yasuo ult from Prolly. (24:20)

Lemon lands a great binding on Prolly in the next fight and that means he can’t follow up on the trist ult! But they chunk C9 down enough to take baron. (26:10)

Westrice flashed over the wall and Shyv ult into C9 and Yasuo follow up! Damn the initiation was so strong. (28:00)

COL takes baron again and push top lane to get the last inhib, then they win. (37:15)

Fail: Kez fails flash over the wall bottom to go down to Balls. (17:00)

MVP: COL ROBERTxLEE 5-2-4 Tristana

- Robert’s ults that led to Yasuo ult get him the MVP here. Plus 90% kill part.


Pick/Ban: Pobelter with Ryze in mid.

The Plays: Finally the first real fight, CRS comes out ahead with 2 kills. (18:00)

Innox teleports in with his ult already active (Kayle), then this opens the door for altec who plays like a boss and gets a double. EG pick up baron. (23:30)

Second baron, CRS starts it, EG comes in to contest and kill Braum (Xpecial). They start baron and Krepo lands a blind binding (Morg) and Altec with the Super Mega Death Rocket picks up the kill! (35:15)

EG is pushing top, they get the turret and Altec goes for the kill. He gets 1, 2, 3, alright the triple. Cop comes out of the fountain and the last rocket gets him for the Quad. Voyboy can’t live much longer as Pobleter tanks the fountain to allow the Penta for Altec. (38:40)

Fail: Almost fail: Innox is getting the bot inhib with Helios, and stays to get it. Quas is 1v1 with him and almost loses as Xpecial was walking away. (34:00)

MVP: EG Altec 9-0-4 Jinx

- Dat Penta


Pick/Ban: Top Gragas for Ackerman against the Zion Jax.

The Plays: The two man invade from LMQ leads to some misplay and 2 kills going over to DIG. (6:00)

DIG picks up a third dragon and 2 more kills. (16:30)

LMQ gets their first dragon of the game, and lose 3… (23:00)

DiG get 2 with a good catch and they pick up baron afterward. (28:00)

Zion is split pushing, duh, and goes into a 1v3! Gets 1 and Shiphtur picks one up too. (32:30)

DIG does a great job to win this one, Zion is a god split pusher. (35:50)

Fail: Ackerman just gets ganked. Totally not paying attention and ends up dying to turret giving the credit to Crumbzz. (14:50)

MVP: DIG Shiphtur 9-1-3 Syndra

C9 vs EG

Pick/Ban: Jinx ban from C9 and Altec goes with Twitch.

The Plays: Balls and Meteos go down to Helios and Altec top lane. Sneaky gets a double immediately after. (10:00)

Good plays from C9 bot lane. Sneaky (Lucian) gets a kill and Meteos (Eve) does too. Altec kills Lemon and Innox (Grag) teleport kills Sneaky. (12:50)

Interesting fight near dragon. Sneaky gets hit by a great binding from Krepo and that evens the fight 2 for 2. (28:45)

Sneaky keeps fighting Altec 1v1 and gets another kill on him with the fade away culling. (31:00)

Sneaky gets hit with another binding from Krepo and Pobelter ELIMINATES him. EG picks up dragon. (38:00)

C9 picks up baron, and they get 2 kills off the fight. They win it after 48:30…

Fail: none

MVP: C9 Sneaky 5-3-5 Lucian

- If I could give MVP to Krepo I would


Pick/Ban: none. Except Gragas for Dyrus in top lane.. Silly Dyrone.

The Plays: Amazing (J4) gets a nice gank bot to secure first blood. Lane gank and flash ult. (9:30)

Gleeb gets picked while trying to ward drag. Dragon goes to LMQ. (10:50)

TSM with a good fight to get dragon. Amazing goes in with ult then standard combo to get out and then TSM does a great job of kiting in and out. (32:30)

Another fight mid goes bad for TSM. But Turtle with the outplay picks up a double on ackerman and NoName!! (34:20)

LMQ gets baron, Mor with a really nice death sentence to prevent the steal. (35:40)

Mor hooks Amazing and the flay to stop the E-Q combo. They get baron. (43:00)

This game sucks… 51 mins in LMQ gets the 3rd baron of the game. They just roll through TSM’s base.

Fail: TSM. That’s it. The throw was so strong.

MVP: LMQ Mor 2-6-14 Thresh


Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: 3 v 2 in bot. TP from Zion and Seraph flashes to polymorph. 2 for 2 in the end. (4:50)

4 man gank bot gives 2 more kills to Doublelift. Also Zion solos out Seraph. (12:40)

Huge turn around gank from CLG. They get all 5 down bot as DIG had 4. (15:40)

DIG gets dragon, CLG lets it go, but they turn it around and get 2, then a third in QTpie. CLG gets baron after. (22:30)

Crumbzz goes with ult on Doublelift, the shockwave from Shiphtur gets 4! But its not enough and CLG kill 3 and get mid inhib. (26:15)
Link goes all the way into DIG base and bursts down Shiphtur. The fight ensues and they end. (29:30)


MVP: CLG Link 4-0-6 Yasuo

- All of CLG played really well. Link gets it because of the well timed ults.


Pick/Ban: Dominate is jungling Skarner.

The Plays: Dominate steals the dragon and CRS picks up a kill for themselves. (10:20)

Xpecial (Braum) kills Westrice (Lee) with the help of dominate. (15:40)

Fight in mid, 2 teleports burned. 2 for 2 and neither team really looks like they have the lead. Good shockwave from Prolly and great Glacial Fissure from Xpecial. (27:00)

Westrice dies in the CRS jungle, then both teams set up near baron but COL is a man down. CRS ends up actually getting the ace and Baron. (35:30)

CRS goes in for Baron, Dominate secures. The following fight leads to 3 for 2 in favor of COL. (45:50)

Xpecial flashes and gets a great Glacial Fissure, CRS follows it up and get 3. Then Quas, Xpecial, Cop chase down Robert and Kez for the ace. CRS get 2 inhibs for it. (51:10)

CRS take baron(54:30)

CRS engages under turret. CRS loses 3. COL goes to push middle. (55:10)

COL goes for the win. CRS respawns and Quas TP into the base of COL with super minions on the nexus turrets! The rest of CRS show up and finalize the backdoor for the win. (57:15)

Fail: none

MVP: CRS Quas 6-4-8 Jax

Week 7 Predictions SUPER WEEK BABY

Chris King Hillmann Henderson LMQ vs C9

CoL vs CLG Hillmann Henderson King Chris

Hillmann King Chris Henderson DIG vs EG

King Chris Henderson CLG vs C9 Hillmann

Hillmann Henderson TSM vs CRS Chris King

King Chris DIG vs TSM Hillmann Henderson

Hillmann Chris Henderson CoL vs EG King

King Hillmann Henderson LMQ vs CRS Chris

EG vs TSM Henderson Hillmann Chris King

King Hillmann Henderson C9 vs CRS Chris

King Hillmann Chris CLG vs LMQ Henderson

Chris CRS vs CLG Henderson Hillmann King

Chris CoL vs DIG Henderson Hillmann King

Hillmann King Chris Henderson LMQ vs EG

Hillmann Chris Henderson TSM vs CoL King (hillmann becomes a CoL fan if they win)

Henderson Hillmann  DIG vs C9 Chris King

Hillmann 36-19

Henderson 33-22

King 31-24

Chris 28-27

Rick 1-0

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Day 1

CRS vs C9

Pick/Ban: nothing special

The Plays: C9 holds the lead throughout. Curse had some really nice plays but Balls’ Renekton was really pivotal in the C9 victory. Lots of team fighting but there weren’t a lot of great individual plays.

Fail: none

MVP: C9 Balls 1-1-10 Renekton


Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: Very nice Shiphtur (Orianna) ult secures a mid game team fight. They get baron off that. Next baron goes to DIG again, but TSM gets a kill off it. Then QTpie snipes Amazing with Jinx ult. TSM baron baits for like 10 mins and eventually get the fight, unfortunately they suck and lose.

Fail: TSM gets caught in the jungle level 1. Lose 2.

MVP: DIG imaqtpie 5-0-7 Jinx


Game of the Week

Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: Close early game. CLG hold upper hand then chase a bit too far and LMQ even out the team fight, Vasilii takes out Doublelift 1v1 at the end of the fight. Crazy team fight leads to another win for CLG since Vasilii stayed too long. Next team fight, near dragon again, Dexter gets caught, cataclysm comes down on him, and Doublelift is outside of it. He goes ham and gets a double and with Aphro and Link, they ace LMQ. CLG rotating around and grabbing objectives. Dexter’s initiations are great on Vi! CLG goes bot, 3 man shockwave on LMQ and Doublelift gets another double kill.

Fail: Vasilii flashes over dragon wall near the end of a team fight and tries to 1v1 Link, who kills him.

MVP: CLG Doublelift 10-2-8 Jinx

- Aphromoo honorable mention 2-3-19 Morgana 100% Kill participation


Pick/Ban: EG banned Jayce. Interesting

The Plays: EG bot lane outplays COL after Bubbadub lands a good hook on Altec. Altec takes 1st and 2nd blood. Altec is assassinating the entirety of COL almost single handedly. COL gets a grab on Altec, but EG turns it around and Krepo picks up a double kill. EG gets baron, mid inhib, go to top. Altec gets grabbed AGAIN, this time he doesn’t get away and he goes down for COL first kill at 24 mins.

Fail: Robert and Bubbadub focus Krepo and Altec gets a double kill bot, which was the deciding factor in the game. Later, Prolly fails a distortion over the wall, nothing comes of it but he is bad.

MVP: EG Altec 11-1-4 Twitch

- He had the only EG death of the game

Day 2


Pick/Ban: none

The Plays: DIG sets up a really nice 3 buff start and give COL blue to Zion. Ummmmmm COL is like really far ahead… 0-10 COL at 25 mins as they take baron uncontested. DIG go toward Baron and COL turns it on. Prolly gets a nice triple and COL pushes to win a 14-1 kill victory.

Fail: DIG fails so hard bottom… Kiwi flashes under turret with a Morg ult on him. Then QTpie sticks around with no flash and no health, he dies. Then Crumbzz fails his flash and also dies.

MVP: COL ROBERTxLEE 6-0-6 Lucian


Pick/Ban: Syndra pulls a ban against Bjerg. He takes Yasuo.

The Plays: Amazing is awesome on Lee. Turtle valkyrie’s over the wall and takes out Pobelter by blue buff. TSM baits at baron, Bjerg gets bursted down but Turtle comes around and picks up a Triple! Nice play and they get mid inner turret. They go back to baron and pick it up. They pick up bot inhib, then they go top and get that one. Then they go mid and take the third inhibitor.

Fail: Bjerg and Amazing, being that they were doing so well, both die bot because overextending.

MVP: TSM WildTurtle 7-0-5 Corki


Pick/Ban: Kayle and Yasuo for CRS.

The Plays: Voy goes ham on Link but Dexter is there and Dex picks up FB. CRS doing dragon, Dexter wants to steal but he gets blown up and so does Aphro, Link kills Dominate and gets double buff. Fight erupts middle and Quas comes in with an amazing ult on Voy while he has 2 LeBlanc chains about to expire on him. Clutch! CRS picks up baron and begin to pressure mid. Xpecial lands a hook on Doublelift and he goes in, flay into Yasuo ult! WOMBO COMBO! CRS is so far ahead and CLG tries to push, CRS initiate and Cop gets a quadra kill!

Fail: CRS tries to trade dragon for top turret. Dominate misses smite and Doublelift steals dragon!

MVP: CRS Voyboy 2-2-10 Yasuo

- Dat wombo combo.

C9 vs LMQ

Pick/Ban: Had to remake but other than that, nothing special. Almost had an amumu pick!

The Plays: A trade in the bot lane, sneaky with a great flash to kill Vasilii. Later, more bot lane shenanigans, more trading. So much killing under the C9 Bot turret. Hai went big in a team fight top lane and gets himself a quadra on Kass. After they get baron, C9 throw at dragon??? LMQ gets the mid inhib. Push top after catching Sneaky and get top inhib. Xiao gets an amazing shockwave followed by a Jarvan ult from NoName that leads to a great team fight and victory for LMQ.

Fail: No name gets like 5 shields and goes in but then flashes out in the fight where Hai gets a quad. He had a lot of health and absorbed no damage.

MVP: LMQ XiaoWeiXaio 4-0-6 Orianna

Week 6 Predictions

Hillmann TSM vs CLG Chris King Henderson

COL vs C9 Chris King Henderson Hillmann

Hillmann Henderson EG vs CRS Chris King

Hillmann King DIG vs LMQ Chris Henderson

Hillmann Henderson King Chris C9 vs EG

Henderson King Chris LMQ vs TSM Hillmann

Hillmann King Chris CLG vs DIG Henderson

Hillmann Chris CRS vs COL King Henderson

Hillmann 30-17

Henderson 30-17

King 26-21

Chris 23-24

Rick 1-0

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June 18, 2014

Patch 4.10 Discussion

Patch Notes!

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Day 1

TSM vs C9

Pick/Ban: Hai picks Fizz, Meteos on Rengar.

The Plays: TSM tries a fight in the top lane, but C9 converge, and Hai gets a double and lives with the help of Braum ult from Lemon. Turtle gets out of the Fizz ult with QSS. HOLY SHIT GLEEB! Bjerg grabs the lantern after a flash! Gleeb gets a nice flay on Balls Shyv ult.

Fail: Hai what are you doing? Gets caught out in the jungle at 36 mins…

MVP: TSM WildTurtle 13-1-5 Corki

- Gleeb had a great showing on Thresh as well


Pick/Ban: Braum for Mor.

The Plays: Very close early game, EG has a slight lead though. Ummmm… just skip to 46 mins in. Base race leads to a victory for LMQ.

Fail: Innox tries to outpush 4 members of LMQ.

MVP: No one… this game sucked. LOL


Pick/Ban: Braum again, this time on Xpecial.

The Plays: Zion (Lulu) gets hit up by the Jax/Rengar jump combo, goes down to Quas/Dominate. But very nice Thresh/Noc combo to get a double kill for Crumbzz in the bot lane in response. Imaqtpie gets a really nice double kill on CRS bot lane. That leads to DIG getting inhib, Baron.

Fail: Voyboy tries to 1v5 with Kayle ult. He dies immediately. LOL

MVP: DIG Imaqtpie 3-0-4 Lucian


Pick/Ban: Lots of Braum - aphro picks it up, Dexter on Vi

The Plays: Aphro dies lvl 1. Dexter with a nice play top lane to kill Westrice under turret. CLG picking on Westrice. OOooooohh the CLG throws…. Dexter (Vi) and Link (Lulu) get caught in the top lane and Westice gets a double on Jax. CLG with a nice play, ok doublelift with a nice play, under the inner bot turret of COL.

Fail: Aphro dies lvl 1.

MVP: CLG Doublelift 9-1-7 Twitch

Day 2


Pick/Ban: Braum - Xpecial, XaioWeiXaio is playing Panth in the mid lane

The Plays: 4 man turret dive on Voyboy’s Kass at 4 mins. Both Voy and Xpecial go down. Dominate with the flash cocoon to get Xaio and Xpecial backs him up and Curse gets Mor as well. Top lane fight goes down and Curse gets more kills! Voyboy and Cop are way ahead! Xpecial with the ultimate is great! The story of this game is that LMQ picked a 4 AD comp and everyone on Curse has a Randuins.

Fail: LMQ tries a sneaky baron with Lee, Panth, and Corki. Voyboy walks up and gets 2 to flash out of baron pit…

MVP: CRS Voyboy 8-1-6 Kassadin


Pick/Ban: Lee sin gets through to Amazing.

The Plays: Amazing with a huge Q in the mid lane for first blood on Prolly’s Ziggs. Dyrus solo kill in top lane as Lulu against Westrice’s Renekton. Amazing gets a good double kill near dragon, he is doing really well on Lee. Amazing kicks Robert into a Nami bubble from Gleeb. Bjergsen with a solo double kill on Westrice and Kez.

Fail: none

MVP: TSM Amazing 7-0-8 Lee Sin



Pick/Ban: Dexter on Jarvan. Pobelter playing TF.

The Plays: Pobelter generates 2 kills, one bot and one top lane. EG has a good lead but they can’t capitalize. CLG makes a huge play and turn the game around. EG set up a gank in the jungle, ends with a huge grab from Krepo on Link’s Nid. EG goes in under turret, Doublelift just pops Rat-a-tat and gets a triple kill. 47 mins into the game, CLG takes the nexus.

Fail: As EG was setting up the sneaky jungle play, Krepo just stepped out into the open…

MVP: CLG Doublelift 8-1-4 Twitch

C9 vs DIG

Pick/Ban: Shiphtur on Ahri.

The Plays: C9 ahead in the lanes and ahead with Dragons. C9 continues to dominate, DIG found a pretty good pick, but C9 aren’t very affected. Hai with the spears! Gets himself a double. C9 just dominated.

Fail: none

MVP: C9 Meteos 3-0-8 Lee Sin

Week 5 Predictions

Chris CRS vs C9 Henderson Hillmann King

Hillmann ChrisTSM vs DIG King Henderson

Chris Henderson LMQ vs CLG King Hillmann

Hillmann King Henderson Chris EG vs Complex

King Chris Henderson Hillmann DIG vs Complex

King Chris Henderson Hillmann TSM vs EG

King Henderson Hillmann  CLG vs CRS Chris

King Hillmann C9 vs LMQ Chris Henderson

Hillmann 26-13

Henderson 25-14

King 21-18

Chris 20-19

Rick 1-0

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Day 1


Pick/Ban: Ackerman on Kayle in top lane. Bjerg on Yasuo.

The plays: Bjergsen with a very nice windwall to stop a 3 man gank in mid. Blocks a cocoon from elise and prevents the Thresh hook from coming out. LMQ waited for ever for TSM to make a mistake. Right around 43 mins it happened and they ace TSM for the win. Ackerman triple kill on Kayle.

Fail: TSM gives up the first 5 dragons… 5…

MVP: LMQ Ackerman 6-1-7 Kayle

EG vs C9

Pick/Ban: Fairly typical. Eve for Snoopeh.

The Plays: EG played fantastically. They actually beat C9 in early dragon fights, which is something that really hasn’t happened before. Meteos stole Baron after EG had won a fight. Altec managed to survive a late game fight to pick up another Double Kill. Krepo flayed Hai out of the air.

Fail: Baron killed Hai as he was jumping out of the pit and the kill credit goes to Pobelter.

MVP: EG Altec 13-1-6 Twitch


Pick/Ban: Shiphtur playing Kass, Zion on Kayle.

The Plays: Doublelift and Aphro won a 2v2 bot for FB and second. Aphro with a flash binding to ensure the kill on Kiwi. Brilliant. CLG made a pretty good rotation to get the middle inhib but DIG responds with Baron. Link landed some spears to push DIG off the bot turret, then CLG just played around with bushes until DIG got caught out and CLG takes both bot and mid inhib. Then we had about 20 mins of straight ARAM. Both teams staring each other down in mid. A fight erupted and CLG was victorious.

Fail: Early game fight: Seraph went in with Teleport and died. Then Doublelift FLASHES into the fight and immediately died. CLG not in the right mindset.

MVP: CLG Doublelift 5-2-3 Lucian

- Basically because of the mechanics in that last teamfight.


Pick/Ban: Prolly is playing annie. Uhhhh in the middle lane.

The Plays: Curse picks up a great early kill on Prolly at level 1 with a 4 man gank. Curse went HUGE all over the map, including a Zenith Blade from Xpecial that pulled him through RobertxLee’s flash. Prolly flashes over the wall and throws Tibbers into the middle of Curse, however they re engage and go 2 for 2. Bubbadub and Prolly went in on a Baroning Curse, both chunk Curse with Tibbers and Box, led to a Robert Triple and Baron.

Fail: Dominate mandropped into the middle of COL and just died… Ok…

MVP: COL Westrice 2-3-12 Renekton

Day 2

C9 vs CLG

Pick/Ban: Standard

The Plays: One teamfight was the whole game. CLG won it, go to take baron, Hai was the only one alive. He threw multiple spears to chunk CLG at baron and he went in for the 5v1 PENTA. But he died. But CLG lost 2. C9 pushed mid, get middle inhib after kills on Link and Aphro. Then the fight moved to the bot lane. Doublelift got a double basically by himself while flashing a Thresh hook from Lemon. The fighting would not end! So the fight continued around baron and CLG tries to flank up the mid lane with Eve ult as C9 was retreating, but CLG then backed off and C9 went in with Shyv ult and Lee. This led to CLG being split and losing 4.

Fail: Hai went in to try to steal baron? Or for the penta? But he failed and died.

MVP: C9 Sneaky 8-3-5 Twitch

- Picked up a Double Kill in the final fight, but most importantly took out Doublelift.


Pick/Ban: Annie ban… and not targeting Bubbadub. LOL Orianna is who Prolly picked.

The Plays: Noname (Elise) waited in the top lane brush for about a full minute and it led to first blood on Westrice’s Lee. LMQ maintained a pretty good lead. Awesome bait from Ackerman in the top lane led to another 2 kills for LMQ, one went to XiaoWeiXiao and he was fed. Ackerman got a triple! Fantasy points!! Xiao got a one-shot kill on Robert, spear and trap. LMQ continued to pressure and XiaoWeiXiao was relentless in the spear throwing.

Fail: none

MVP: LMQ XiaoWeiXiao 14-0-5 Nidalee


Pick/Ban: nothing special

The Plays: DIG was highly focused on objectives. 1-0 in kills at 18 mins, but 3 turrets for DIG and 3 dragons. Shiphtur made some good plays to pick off 2 and it turned into a Baron for DIG. Slow, calculated game came from DIG.

Fail: Nothing, DIG just won.

MVP: DIG Shiphtur 5-0-2 Syndra

- Had the only DIG kills for the first ~25 mins of a 28 min game.


Pick/Ban: nothing new

The Plays: Voyboy got a great stun in the mid lane, Xpecial flashed, box, flay, then got a grab on Turtle and Curse got mid turret for the win in that fight. TSM rotated well to get Mid and Top inner turrets while Curse got dragon, and Bjergsen killed Quas with an amazing spear! TSM won a good fight mid and they took Baron. Once TSM had baron again, they pushed into the base of Curse through the bot inhib. They got every structure possible including the nexus.

Fail: Amazing missed cocoon and Dyrus went in alone and died.

MVP: TSM Bjergsen 5-0-7 Nidalee

Week 4 Predictions

Hillmann TSM vs C9 King Henderson Chris

EG vs LMQ King Hillmann Henderson Chris

King Hillmann Henderson DIG vs CRS Chris

King Chris Hillmann Henderson CLG vs COL

Chris CRS vs LMQ King Henderson Hillmann

King Chris COL vs TSM Hillmann Henderson

King Chris Henderson CLG vs EG Hillmann

Hillmann Chris C9 vs DIG King Henderson

Henderson 20-11

Hillmann 20-11

King 17-14

Chris 15-16

Rick 1-0

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Day 1


Pick/Ban: Dyrus is playing Lulu… ok. Turtle on Kog’maw.

The Plays: Dyrus dies for FB but gets a double with a well played defense under turret from Dexter and Seraph. Aphro is a ball delivery system, landing a knock up into Link shockwave. Huge, and CLG gets an inhib for it.

Fail: TSM. Just all of them. This was not a top tier team playing against CLG.

MVP: CLG DoubleLift 5-0-5


Pick/Ban: Westrice just plays whatever. We see mundo out of him, who we haven’t seen in a while.

The Plays: EG looking very good in the early part of this game. Their synergy is definitely there. Snoopeh is all over with the Kha, doesn’t lead to many kills but puts EG ahead in lane pressure.

Fail: Westrice gets caught out over and over… One leads to baron. EG is way ahead.

MVP: EG Snoopeh 5-0-8 Kha’zix


Pick/Ban: XiaoWeiXaio pulls a Yasuo ban. Zion playing Irelia, this will be fun to watch.

The Plays: DIG invades on NoName and gets FB and stops him at red. Crumbzz with a HUGE flash cocoon on Xiao in the midlane nets another kill for DIG. Zion with a fade away ult on Irelia to pick up the solo kill on Ackerman’s Shyvana.

Fail: All of LMQ this game. Only Kiwi died on DIG all game. This wasn’t the 1st place team we were expecting.

MVP: DIG Crumbzz 2-0-10 Elise

C9 vs CRS

Pick/Ban: Kha for Hai in mid. C9 bans Kayle, Voy goes with Orianna instead.

The Plays: C9 baits out a very early dragon fight and goes 3 for 1. Hai’s Kha’zix gets the last tick of ignite on Dominate. Hai assassinated Quas in the top lane, he had a ridiculous amount of damage.

Fail: Oh!! Voyboy misses another Orianna Ultimate. :(

MVP: C9 Hai 2-1-4 Kha’zix

LMQ vs C9

Pick/Ban: Kha for Hai once again. No one picks up twitch. LemonNation on Nami!

The Plays: LMQ takes a 3:45 Dragon with the Nunu jungle. LMQ had a lead, but C9 shows why they were #1. They have great synergy and the dragon fights work out for them, evening out the game. LMQ looked behind, then they made a crazy baron call. They get baron and 3 members of C9. WTF!? C9 goes deep after they lose 2 inhibs and they won! Hai gets a triple! Next teamfight goes to C9 again, Hai and Sneaky carried hard right then. C9 base races minions to win it!

Fail: I can’t give a fail. Everyone on both teams played so well.

MVP: C9 Hai 8-3-8 Kha’zix


Pick/Ban: Pobleter is playing Karthus. Snoopeh is playing Jarvan IV. Oh hi season 2 TSM. I missed you.

The Plays: CRS wins an early dragon fight. CRS goes for a second Drag, Snoopeh goes in but 4v5 and Cop cleans up. 5 for 1 in favor of CRS (Krepo came in late). CRS sneaks a baron at 25 mins.

Fail: So much fail, but mostly Snoopeh on J4 wasn’t doing much all game.

MVP: CRS Cop 6-0-8 Cait


Pick/Ban: Pretty standard.

The Plays: CLG dives the inner top lane turret at level 1. Kill Brokenshard for first blood. COL with a good teamfight, with the help of a teleport from Westrice, leads to a tie game at 5 kills apiece. Dexter and Seraph sneak a baron and then get a kill on Westrice. Really close game. CLG does a nice split push game to get the bot inhib turret, then the bot inhib, then the nexus turrets, then the nexus. COL couldn’t defend since the death timers were all off.

Fail: Link dies to turret level 1. LOL Execute tho so its k.

MVP: CLG Seraph 5-2-1 Jax

Sneaks baron plus the amazing split push fight to basically win the game for CLG.


Pick/Ban: Amazing is playing Volibear. What. the. fuck.

The Plays: Crumbzz is counter jungling like a boss. 24 mins FB to QTpie on Bjergsen. DIG, being ahead, systematically destroy TSM’s base. 3 inhibs down, and TSM had basically no vision.

Fail: TSM throws at Baron, though it was well played by DIG.

MVP: DIG Shiphtur 4-0-5 Ziggs

Week 3 Predictions (NORMAL WEEK BABY)

Hillmann TSM vs LMQ Henderson Chris Nick

EG vs C9 Nick Hillmann Henderson Chris

Henderson chris DIG vs CLG Nick Hillmann

COL vs CRS Nick Chris Henderson Hillmann

Henderson Hillmann Chris C9 vs CLG Nick

Nick Chris Henderson Hillmann LMQ vs COL

EG vs DIG Nick Chris Henderson Hillmann

Nick Chris CRS vs TSM Henderson Hillmann

Henderson 15-8

Hillmann 15-8

King 13-10

Chris 11-12

Rick 1-0

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