Ashe changes, facebook integration, and Matt realizes we receive our answers in tweets; this week on LeagueCast.

This episode we talk extensively about critical strike, dodge, youtuber drama, changes in LCS rosters, and a bunch of other great stuff (including listener email). Join us for this longer than normal episode of LeagueCast!

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Everyone is here, hooray! We talk a little more about chroma packs, Ryze's new kit on the PBE, an overview of playoffs, and facebook integration.

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Frost joins us since Matt is out of commission! We discuss champions we hate to lane against, chroma packs, and the trinity of roles in the current meta.

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April 9, 2015

Patch 5.7 Discussion

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Welcome to April! URF mode is back, some trivia goes down, and we discuss high skill cap champions!

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